My results

I had my tests done today ( breast specialist , mammogram and ultrasound) they found a lump under the nipple in my left breast that showed on the ultrasound as a cyst (yay) after I had the tests done that’s all they said and told me I could go home. My breast is still very itchy and sharp pains in the nipple with a sore that won’t heal on the breast . They didnt seem interested in that so I guess it’s nothing.
On a different note, I haven’t been able to move left arm for days It been so painful Having the mammogram caused me lots of pain in the Arm. I decided as I was at the hospital I would go to A&E . Iwas there for 2 hours before I was seen, then the doctor gave me a prescription for paracetemol ( I told him I was on tramadol and cocodemal for my rheumatoid arthritis). !!!
Thank you all for your support while I was waiting for my tests to be done. This is a great site

Lissie, so glad for you, you must be soooo releived. Now you can breathe again,and enjoy the rest of your life. Hope you never have to have that experience again. Take care

Hugs Poemsgalore xx