My sister

My sister was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in Sept 2015.she went through chemo & radio therapy.In Oct 2017 she had got the all clear.On Nov 9th we found out it had spread to her bones, a week later she had an ct scan,week after that we found out it had spread to her liver.2 weeks later on the 11th of Dec she sadly bloody angry could this have been prevented if they had kept an eye on her.if this is 1 of the worst cancers and can spread so quickly then why don’t they give you checks.

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Kezzy  sorry to hear about the loss of your sister , I can understand your anger

i felt very alone following my treatment in 2015 my bcn said more tests created

more worry so tests were only done if there were any problems don’t know

if your sister was told this or had any problems ,I have just lost a sister

this Christmas (not cancer) so know just how you are feeling .take care

of yourself .??

Thank you for your sorry about your she didn’t have problems till she went to docs about a sore back and they sent her for a bone scan that’s when we found out about it in bones and so on.she went in on the 5th yo start chemo but was told her bloods were not right.she died 6 days later.i hope you are ok.

Yeah I agree she didn’t suffer.just felt terrible she was alone as we thought we would be there when she died but don’t think she wanted is there when it happened as we watched my dad die a year n haf ago he had esphagos cancer n lasted 8 wks of being told.thanks for messaging back.u take care too.x