My son has chicken pox

I had my last chemo 6 weeks ago and will be having surgery a week today. My 6 year old has just come out in chicken pox. I am trying to understand the risk to me. I had it when I was a child. I have just stayed away from him so far, not touching him or giving him medicine, and leaving his care to my husband. I called the hotline above and they said I’m being sensible but should speak to my team on Monday. 

had anyone else been in this situation? Any help appreciated


Sorry you didn’t get an answer to your post Louise , I hope you managed to avoid the chicken pox x

Oh, that’s a tough situation! Sending lots of positive vibes your way. It sounds like you’re taking sensible precautions, and reaching out to your medical team is a great step. They’ll have the best advice tailored to your unique situation.

And on a lighter note, here’s a little chicken-themed distraction for you – a fun link about popular chicken names Know Your Chickens: The 10 Most Popular Chicken Names and Their Meanings. Sometimes a touch of humor can help brighten the day.