My stomach is trying to eat me!

Either that, or I have swallowed a live cat that is trying to claw its way out…
Why is it that I am so super nervous about the feedback of my MRI scan on Friday? My body is a traitor. I think I’ve got the mind in the right place (most of the time) but now my stomach is playing up. It is in a tight knot but with a hollow feeling all the time.
I am sipping Rescue Remedy, keeping busy, eating small, fairly healthy snacks regularly, but this feeling won’t go!

What is a girl to do?

Thin Lizzie
I’ve had that feeling too. Sometimes our nerves affect us in strange ways. I’ve had rashes, even when I didn’t realise I was nervous. But that feeling of your stomach turning completely over is really awful. I don’t think any of the remedies you are using will help. Have you tried deep breating exercises? Sometimes, finding a ‘mantra’ to repeat slowly when these feelings overcome you. Mine was a poem I wrote.

Like wind-blown confetti my words drop,
As dead as petals from a fallen bloom.
While you, who’s words are few,
Choose each one for its power.
In the dark hours between Life and Death;
When demons trample sleep;
They wander through my mind
Which slips away quietly,
Like a girl in search of her illicit lover.
Reason when it returns is a blessing
To be clutched like a kite in a hurricane.
Should the string snap, the kite is lost
And sanity exists no more.

I would say it very slowly, sometimes out loud if possible, and by the time I’d finished it, I had calmed down. This poem might not work for you, but I’m sure you could find something similar. The chorus of a favourite song, a passage from the bible or another book you have ejoyed. I also find chewing gum helps too.
Sending big hugs and good wishes.
Poemsgalore xxx

Hi Poemsgalore
A beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing it. I recognise my own thoughts in the picture you painted with your words.
I have not tried breathing techniques.

They may help. I did repeat 3 significant words over and over during the scan, which helped then. I guess a slightly longer version of the same message might also help. Perhaps if I repeat that while doing the breathing…

I feel so stupid for feeling like this. I don’t have anything to fear (yet) and still I cannot get this under control. I am going to try your advice for sure. Thanks so much.x

Hope you find something that works for you. Take care and good luck.
Poemsgalore xx