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In March I went for a routine mammography. The radiologist found micocalcifications. I am located in Hyde Park, NY, USA and found a local breast surgeon. Seven weeks ago I had a bilateral mastectomy. Even at 62, this is not an easy thing to accept, but the alternative would have been worse. DCIS is a new diagnosis, from what I am told. I had a high grade, comedio narcrosis. Scared the heck out of me, but I had to put out of my mind what I would look like after the surgery and just be thankful they caught it in time. The pathology report found numerous DCIS in the right breast, so mastectomy would have been necessary anyway. None became invasive. I had the left breast removed as precaution. No magignancy found there. I feel so good I found this forum. I hope my being from the USA does not effect my membership.

Welcome to the site no one really wants to join! You will certainly get lots of support here.

I have grade 3 BC and had a WLE (lump) removed nealry 4 weeks ago. I am waiting for chemo and then radiotherapy.

Cant offer any advice on DCIS but i am sure lots of ladies on here will.

Take care

I am DCIS and had WLE, infection after the fact and now due a mastectomy in a couple of days time. I am also to have the nuclear injection on Thursday and also the dye on Friday during mastectomy for Sentinel Node.

I am 52 and this was found after routine breast screening.

Nice to meet you and NO it doesnt matter where in the world you are you will find this website insprirational, supportive and informative.
You sound positive with the action taken so far and hope that you are feeling better with each day.

I also hope that the weather is good as this helps lighten your mood.
God bless - the future is ours!x
We can change our lives. We can do, have, and be exactly what we wish.

Hi Daisy do

I was diagnosed with DCIS in January this year after a routine mannogram. I had 2 WLE within 5 weeks and still not clear margins had a masectomy in April with reconstruction. I was just so relieved to get rid of this horrible gremlin. I am 6 weeks post op and in the process of getting implant inflated. The only advice I can give is to stay positive, best of luck with your operation.

Divipops x

Thanks so much for your advice. I keep telling myself that I have first stage DCIS although it feels much worse than the doctors tell you.

I just hope it will be all ok and in a couple of weeks time I can say it was all good experience and get on with life.

Good luck to all on this site.
Many thanks to all support received.

Hi Nan, don’t feel you can’t join in. Its the site we all probaly wish we hadn’t had to discover. Not that I want to tell you to look more locally but I did find this site while surfing which seems to have similar community of users.

All the best and take of your self.