my story

2010 was a very odd year for me. My mom was recovering from Breast cancer and 3 operations. I was told I needed major surgery on my throat for an Idiopathic Trachea Stenosis before my wind pipe collapsed, and then 3 days before I went in for my operation I was confirmed as having Breast Cancer.

My throat problem was my main concern as it had got so bad I couldn’t even walk up stairs without having to stop to catch my breath. The thoratic surgeon at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital was amazing. He put my mind at ease instantly and went through all the problems that could occur. The kindness an re assurance I received from him and his team left with me with no doubt that I would be in safe hands.

Sept 2010 I had 2 operations at the same time lasting several hours by different consultants. My throat took 6 weeks to heal before I was able to start my chemo to ensure I reduced the risk of infection.

I had 6 lots of chemo every 3rd week. Why would anyone want to have poison put in to their veins? But I guess it’s just something I had to do.

I Shaved my head so I could be in control of when my hair loss and then I really could wash and go!! How ever I was confused on couple of daily tasks, do I wash my head with shower gel or shampoo? and how should I apply face foundation without a massive orange line across my bald head?!!

Side effects haven’t been too bad for me apart from tiredness. However that maybe down to boredom!! Dry skin, cry a lot, 2 hospital stays, cold head and low white cells requiring daily injections into my tummy oh and 3 toenails have disappeared.

I have a wig, but it feels fake, oh but it is, I feel less conscious when i haven’t anything on my head, like i forget i have no hair. But this does have consequences like when I went into a changing room with wig on and came out without it on!! The look on the poor assistance face was quite a picture!!

I have now finished my chemo, and have had 20 rads. So what next, getting fit and healthy. I didn’t realize how much cemo and rads take out of you. I hadn’t been able to do much exercise for a while due to my throat, so I’m really starting again. BORN AGAIN!! new hair and learning to run. lol
my last cemo was march 17th and last rads was may 10th 2011

My mom unfortunately has got another primary cancer 12 months after having breast cancer, and has had one of her Kidneys removed.The blader cancer has gone into the nodes and rest on the nerves! so her pain was at the point where she wanted to take her own life. Mom has had 4 lots of 7 hour cemo’s, and its shrunk the tumours slightly. it made her so ill and a loss of 2 stone in weight, she has decided not to have any more for now, the pain has gone so thats good. they have gove her 2 years, which is awful to bear, do u put a date in yoru diary saying this is the date im not supposed to be here, last birthday ect. .


It’s to raise some money to help Breastcancercare. The charity provides a helpline and an online forum. This for me is my lifeline, it provides valuable support from others in the same position who understand as they are going through the same emotions and thoughts. I have made some really good friends on the forum which is a good thing to come out of this diagnosis. It also provides information on treatment and how to cope with diagnosis, diet and tips for getting through it all.

Macmillan cancer support have also been great, they produce booklets on every aspect and have answered lots of queries for me. They also helped me with a grant towards head wear and costs incurred by going back and forth to hospital.

my aims for the year

getting through my treatment treatment. DONE

my mom getting over her operation and getting well and being pain free. getting through her cemo and the tumor being reduced done

learn to run, then 5K Wythall June, DONE

5k race for life in June. DONE

Andy my partner ran 20 miles and came 104th out of 900 people in the Ashby 20 road race. Ran 10k in Morton in the marsh fun run. DONE

Andy Ran Edinburgh Marathon, in 3.03 DONE

Stratford marathon IN 3.13 DONE

Andy’s also running Wythall 5k fun runs DONE, CAME 6TH

Andy to run Birmingham half marathon.

Andy to run 10k Bythe valley, me the 5k sept

Walking the ST OSWALDS WAY, August 8th, over 6 days covering 97 miles. DONE, COMPLETED 91 MILES, JO DID 101… RAISED £756 ALONG THE WAY

Meadow Green school fete, Friday 24th June DONE

Quiz/Games Night 10th Sept at Wythall Park, britannia room, wythall club silver street, birmingham, B47 6LL****** IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE O COME AND JOIN IN THE FUNDRAISING PLEASE EMAIL ME. *****

Raffle 10th sept ***** TICKETS AVAILABLE******

Card making and selling ONGOING

Hanging baskets DONE


The pinkies and fellow sisters i have met on this site. . i couldnt have done it without you all xxx

I would also like to give a massive thank you for all the staff at Birmingham Heartlands hospital, without my stenosis removed I wouldn’t be waling anywhere never mind running 5k’s and walking 100 miles!!!

Big thank you to the Alex hospital, the girls in the garden suite and in the macmillian pod, Mandy and Julie.

What a lovely post Poppy. I hate to use the word “inspiring” but your post will be a great example for people who have just been dx that there is hope at the end of the cancer tunnel . You have achieved a great deal over the past year and I wish you all the best for future events. Sending love to your mum also xx
Lizz xx

Ur post brought a lump to my throat Poppy. I too wish u well & send good wishes to ur mum. You’ve been through so much since 2010 but your determination shines through, good luck with everything u do x

Thanx guys xxxxx