My success story after four years with fibroadenomas

Over the past few years, I started having several different health problems.  First, I got a lump in my breast.  I had it biopsied and it was a fibroadenoma.   A mammogram and ultra sound showed another lump the next year, as well as the biopsied lump getting bigger.   Another year, and another lump.  In total, I had three pretty large lumps in my right breast.  It was like my breast was turning into a bag of marbles.  


Last year, I started having problems with my thyroid.  There is a strong correlation between nodules in the thyroid and lumps in the breast, as well as cancer in the thyroid and cancer in the breast.  


The thyroid problem affected my digestion and made it difficult for me to absorb vitamins from food.   So I got sick very quickly.   It took months to get better, but part of my recovery was due to taking a ton of vitamins, including iodine.   Still, despite taking all those vitamins, I ended up with megaloblastic anemia from a being chronically low in b-vitamins.  I had to give up tea and coffee, and sushi, because they all interfere with absorption of b-vitamins.   


Long story short, once I started taking two b-100 complexes a day, plus a multivitamin with iodine, something pretty incredible happened.  My breast lumps disappeared, almost over night.   About a month after starting the extra strong b-vitamins, right around the time I usually ovulate, my breast got sore and hot where the biggest lump was, and it was a little scary.  I’m 44 and have breastfed two children, and this sore area felt a little bit like a blocked milk duct.   After a couple days with that, it went away, and after it was gone, the lump was gone with it. 


I did some research online and found that B6 is responsible for getting iodine into the glands, including the thyroid AND the breast!    B6 also moderates estrogen levels.   All the science is there to explain it once I knew what to look for.  


All of my lumps are gone now.   Completely gone!   Both of my breasts now feel more smooth, and actually more full and healthy.   And my thyroid problems are better now too.  


Hope my experience helps someone else.



Hi BlueLemonade

Thanks you so much for sharing your story with everyone here on the Forum.  I feel sure that it will help others who are struggling with their own issues.

Best wishes
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what multivitamin did you take and how many tablets in aday? how big were your lumps in cm. Mine is so big.

mine fibtoadenoma was removed in 2013…i got a new lump in same breast in 2014…and this lump is now same in size as it was 4 years ago i think its stable now…i dont have any sharp pain…but a slight pain or little tenderness …is it normal??

Hi, where did you get the vitamins from? Is evening primrose oil any good?

Hi BlueLemonade, 

Thanks a million for sharing your story. I found a lump in my breasts around 3 months back. Doctors told me that its a FA which is more than 4 cms. As there is some irregularity, they have recommended surgery. Due to my previous bad experiences with doctors, I like to take holistic approach to my health. I was looking for how I can heal it naturally when I came across a thread linking FA to iodine  deficiency. It rang a bell with me as 6 months back I had got a full body test done that revealed Vit B12, D deficiency and an increased Thyroid. I had been wondering if I was iodine deficient. So that thread rang a bell and I started researching more when I came across your thread. It has filled me with hope because all my deficiencies are correlated with FA!!! Its a shame that so many women are going through surgery when it can be prevented. 

I am taking multi-vitamins but would like to try increasing the Vit B supplements. Can you tell me what you mean by taking Vit B at the time you ovulate, why is that important and what dose of Vit B can I take without it being too much?