My treatment plan

Hi all

I have my results with my treatment plan at last. I had a 13mm grade 2, her2 negative lump they think the biospy removed the whole lymth node with a margin of the cancer because it was so small,  there is a question mark on that one.  My plan is for 15 treatments of radiotherapy over 3 weeks, I will be given the dates on the 19th May.

Today they raspirated over a 100ml of blood because I am still so swollen and black from the surgery which was 3 weeks ago. Hopefull the pain I am in will ease a little its horrendous. I find I am extremely tired with no energy to do anything, its not nice.


I will keep this post updated as things progress.

Hugs to all 

Christine xx




Glad to hear from you :slight_smile:


I am not surprised you are tired with all that going on, hopefully having done the raspiration it will help you with the pain which must be contributing towards your tiredness, with any luck the pain will ease and allow you to get proper rest.


The radiotherapy is doable, it is more the travelling that wears you out. 


Helena xxx



Hi Saphire, pleased fir you on both accounts. Hopefully you are now in less pain, which means you will probably sleep better and heal better. Secondly, you have results and a plan - yay! I bet you feel more settled as you now know the ‘worst’ . Sounds like a good plan to me - small lump, clear margins and rads ??

  Hope you do feel better soon. All the best for future treatment. X

Thank you AnnieJ, Helena,


It is a relief now I know where I am going and what the future holds, at least there is a light at the end of treatment even if it is a distance away. 





Hi all,


I dont know why but I feel really low and tearful today, still on strong painkillers, swelling is slowly going down but pain not easing, I have no energy or inclination to do anything.


Hugs to all


Hi all,

Just to let everyone know how I am doing, its now 4wks tomorrow post op and I am starting to feel a little better, the pain is now more controllable, which is a big plus. I stil have my three weeks of radiotherapy to do, not sure yet when that will be, I think I might find out on the 19th May.


I am at the caravan having a break in this beautiful sunshine.


Enjoying the sunshine


Hugs to all

Christine. Xxx

Hi all,


I was given all the information yesterday on the rest of my treatments by Proffessor Brunt at Royal Stoke Hospital, what an amazing gentlemen he is, I could have listened to him all day. Before we started he asked me if I wanted a recording of the conversation for my reference, I said yes because you always miss something important in what is said. We must have been with him for a good 45 minutes he left nothing out.


I will have two visits before the radiotherapy. The first one is to learn how to hold my breath for 30 seconds, this is to expand the chestwall because of my enlarged heart, it will keep it out of the way during treatment and should lesson anymore damage.  The second visit is for the tattoo dots for placement of the beams, we had a good laugh about the tattoo’s. Then its the final visits for the 15 treatments of radiotherapy. 


The next update will be when its all finished, I will still be checking in daily because I know its not going to be plain sailing. I still have a lot of pain and swelling but thats only to be expected.


Hugs to all

Christine.  ?‍:heart:‍?‍??‍:heart:‍?‍?:heart::heart::heart::heart: 

Another week has gone by,  this last week I have been feeling very depressed and panicy and dont know why.  I am finding it difficult to eat because I feel nauseous all the time, cold sweats, I am dripping wet now. I feel like I cant shake it off any sugestions. Desperate




hugs to all

Hi Christine,


Hugs to you. I only wish I could ease more of your pain right now. But I believe you are a strong woman and you can go through this with flying colors. I hope you can find something worthwhile to do while you’re resting. Read a good book. Meditate. Have a warm bath. Take care of yourself. :slight_smile:

Thank you Flames, Ladybowler,


I was starting to feel like my oldself again early last week, then bam a severe panic attack hit me for no reason, now I feel like this low is getting worse, its all just come out of the blue. 


Thank you both for listening, it does help writing down.

if I feel like I am totally losing control I will go and see my Gp.


Hugs to all

Christine. xxx ?‍❤️‍?

Another update,


Still feeling very low so went to see my Gp yesterday he was brilliant, he told me off for not taking the Diazipam when I had my panic attacks, I hate them even only occasionally, hopefully my mood will start to get better.


Changing the subject to something more positive I have been today to do the breathing tests and had my ct scan. I now have my little tattoos and go for my radiotherapy dry run next friday. I think I start the 15 treatment on Monday the 19th.


Hugs to all

Christine xx???

Hi all

My first day of radiotherapy has begun, it was a doddle apart from my right leg wanting to twitch during holding my breath, trying to concentrate on staying still wasnt easy. I was in and out of treatment in half an hour, very quick.

I have been back home now for an hour and have started getting burning and stabbing pains back again is this normal.


Lots of Hugs 


Christine xx

Oh bless you,  I hope you are feeling better soon.  Sending you hugs

Thank you,


I know things will soon be over now for me, for a lot of people its only just beginning,  then I start to feel guilty for feeling sorry for myself all the time. 


Thank you for listening to my woes


Hugs to you all

Christine xx