My week

Hi all. I start my radiotherapy at the QE on Tuesday afternoon, the same day at the same hospital my husband is having a triple bypass. As I will some times as I come to the end of radiotherapy will I be able to drive myself. I think somehow I made a mistake my name is not jasper its jo lol. 

Hi Jo!  Blimey you are having a busy time of it between you and hubby! I was fine to drive during radiotherapy , it can make you tired and you may have some sunburn like effects to your treated boob but it’s rare for it to make you feel really unwell, wishing you and hubby all the best! Xx 



Hello, I was the same as Jobey, I had four and a half weeks of rads and I drove to all of mine. You do just have to make sure you get plenty of rest as it can be very tiring driving back and forward


Are you at the QE in Birmingham? 


Helena  xx



Hi Jo


All the best to you as you start Radiotherapy and to your husband as well, with his triple bypass  xxx