My wife has had it confirmed

Ductal invasive cancer with positive sentinel node, lumpectomy next Tuesday and all nodes out. Stomach is churning :frowning:

Oh also will need to take tamoxifen but not oestrogen receptive so won’t need herceptin. I think that’s what they said!

Sorry to hear you wife has been confirmed with cancer today. Sounds like the team are really going fast! I was diagnosed last Tuesday and will see the surgeon tomorrow, I think I will be lucky to have the lumpectomy and sentinel node procedure by the end of September! 


I hope your wife is coping ok isn’t too devastated, things are moving pretty quickly which is good, the sooner she gets rid of it and onto further treatment the better, it’s a horrible whirlwind of at the moment but you both will settle into the ‘new normal’.


Good luck with everything and both visit the various boards for help and support 



Are you having all nodes removed?

Mammogram and ultrasound and they did a sentinel biopsy the same time as a core and was positive, so deciding to take them all out…

Ah thanks for clarification.

They said usually try and start chemo within a month of diagnosis but there’s a backlog!

She’s just had a big burst of tears and said how scared she was and cried about losing her hair. I said we’ll fight it together, it’s tough.

You are being a wonderful husband. My husband is supportive but struggles to talk about it especially the chemo and hair loss. He is the best but he some men find it difficult insure your support is just what she needs right now and don’t forget we are here to support you too xx

I’m so sorry spell check has made up some wrong words I hope you get what I was trying to say xxxxx