Nail discolouration

Since I’ve started chemotherapy I have noticed my thumb nails are turning dark at the bottom. They look bruised. I read chemotherapy can cause this. I’ve been looking at getting polybalm or meme nail care pen which is a lot cheaper. Does anyone have any recommendations or experiences of these two products.


Polybalm has been my saviour. My nails are so painful in the first 10 days after chemo and I’m about to go for my 6th ECT and my nails are doing great. I wish I’d started Polybalm earlier. I do it twice a day and use Margaret Baggs Medical foot cream on my hands and feet once a day at bed.

These are my nails after 5 cycles. They’re almost as good as normal!


I used polybalm throughout my treatment as I was scared of losing my finger and toenails. I did get discolouration but kept them all. It is expensive but worked for me. Good luck x

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Such beautiful fingers! Xoxo