Nail lifting, how to stop infection

I have had a very bad reaction to taxotere ( I only had one dose ) and are back on FEC. My thumb nail nearly came completely off today, so at the moment it has a plaster covering it. I am terrified it will get infected I only had chemo on Friday. Is there anyone who has been through this and how did you cover it safely. Have not been brave enough to look under the nail, but don’t think there was any nail there at all.

Hi UWP, cannot best advise re lost nail…other than keep it clean, but my BCCN told me to pain allt my nails with a dark nail polish as some chemo drugs make them sensitive to light…they are like you hair. I had my acrylics done in deep red…quite the giggle to my chemo nurse…I would turn up for juicing in my colourful scarfs & fedoras complete with lovely bright red nails…hands & feet! W wee indulgence well deserved at an awful time. I hope the rest of Chemo goes well. Eat well even if no appetite…fresh pineapple was my saviour from dead taste buds. xx

I kept nails painted during chemo also. I lost one but not until a few months after I had finished chemo. I kept a small open plaster gently over it to prevent catching it before it came off. The new nail had started to grow behind it and it finally went very brittle and gradually lifted off! Now 10 months later it has grown back to normal!
Hope this helps!