Nails 18 Months on...

Hi there,


My Mum finished chemo (FEC-T) approximately 18 months ago now, but her nails still haven’t recovered. They still lift from the nail bed, and seem to be growing more curved at the sides (to the point of almost being ingrowing). In addition they seem tougher than before and there remains some discolouration. One of her nails also keeps splitting down the middle.


I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing similar issues, or if anybody has some advice on how to coax them into being a bit more normal (at the moment she has been using a nail cream and painting them with a strengthening base coat and then a colour…) 


Thank you



I finished Chemo at the end of Feb 2016 and still suffer from vertical slits appearing on two nails. My thumb nails are also weak and tend to split and break. I use argon oil to massage the cuticles, but it hasn’t really made a difference yet. If you find anything that helps please post it.