Nails growing back

After a bad reaction to Taxotere, all my finger nails have fell off. How long will they take to begin growing again? It has been at least a month now since I lost the last one and they are not growing at all. Until this happened, they had grown as normal through FEC. While there is still a small amount of soft nail left, it is so painful when I catch a part of it where there is no nail yet.Thankfully eyebrows and lashes are now growing well and hair on head is beginning to sprout!! Do not think that radiotherapy which am now undertaking, has anything to do with it. Any help greatly appreciated.



I’m sorry to read you had a bad reaction to taxotere.  I’ve had a look at our publication.  There is a little bit of information about nail reactions on p6

I hope other members will soon see your post and come along with some support.

Very best wishes


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Hi UWP.  I have lost 8 fingernails over the past couple of weeks. I finished chemo in May so there was quite a gap before I started losing them. Like you, they were fine during FEC but started to go white during Taxotere. Mine didn’t come off completely, they just came away really low down leaving only a tiny bit of nail. They haven’t been sore though and they are slowly growing back.  Wish I could say the same about my lashes and brows - no sign of any regrowth there at all. Hair on head is sprouting, but sadly most of it is grey. Hope you are doing ok xx