hi everyone
im really struggling with my nails since chemo
i clean for a living which dosnt help lol

they split all the time i can peel layers off its horrid
ive tried all sorts and i wondered if anyone else has found anything that works if they have had this problem
i try to wear rubber gloves but its not always possible

someone mentioned shelac(or something) but they are pretty short
someone else said to have acrilllic(sp) but im not sure i could afford the up keep?

thanks for reading

Hi, my nails are still weak after chemo and I was told not to have false nails or overlays done as they would weaken the nail bed even more. I wear latex gloves whenever I clean and have found that they are beginning to improve. I do try to remember to rub bio oil into them before I got to bed, but forget more often than not.

Hi ladies,
i dont know how true this is but i was told that if you buy the blocks of jelly, dont make them into jelly, just eat a cube every day. The person that told me was doing so all the way thru chemo and had no nail probs. I start chemo on wed and will def be giving it a go, what have i got to lose. Just thought i’d share this with you as it may also be good for strengthening your damaged nails, hope so.
sharon xxx

interesting on the jelly!
forgot to say i finished chemo in april 2010
i managed to keep them ok through chemo
was advised to wear dark polish etc and it worked i didnt lose any
they have got worse over the last 18 mths they look horrid and can get sore