Nastroza Anyone

Is anyone out there on Nastroza - was on Tamoxafen developed clots big time so was put on Anastrozole then changed by my G.P to Nastroza generic thingy much cheaper but even after two years of this latest meds still am getting sideeffects e.g achey muscles , bone ache ( had a scan great bones ! ) hot flashes was in a really good place until the breast pain came back big time , flippin fed up now .

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I’m sorry you haven’t had any replies to your post yet. I had a look through some old threads and found this reference to Nastroza in comment number 7 :

It may be worth giving our one to one service a call as they might have a volunteer who has had this treatment. Here’s the link for more information about this service:

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Thanks so much Janet - I’m just abit concerned because apart from obviously people at our surgery ( assume I’m not the only one at my G.Ps to be given this ) I’ve not met anyone on this so find it hard to guage side effects

Hi, After chemo, I will be put on Anastrazole, so maybe I will eventually get the cheaper version you mentioned. Are the side effects really bad?


Hi PG I’m sure that you have found out through other posts that as regards side effects Anastrazole is much kinder than Tamaxafen … no furry face for instance however there is the 'bone ache ’ to contend with and some have said the fatigue is draining ( often I found I was alright one minute and shattered the next ) also the hot flashes are still to be had, but it is so individual what one has you’ll find someone who isnt troubled to such an extent. I have found that it does get easier and you kind of regulate your life pattern to cope e.g perhaps not do a heavy tiring shop when you’ve got bone ache for example , do something quick for supper when your fatigued get good cotton sheets and a silky pillow and a VERY light duvet or a light fluffy blanket to cover yourself with at night. You know all this I’m sure. Once you’ve got all the little bits of the puzzle in place it shouldn’t be too bad for the next 4/5 years - there will be days you’ll think it is a small price to pay and otheres when your so flippin fed up with 'hot/cold scenarios and a body that feels like an old woman that your seriously P…ed off but then the sun will come out and your full of beans again … and that feeling will increase as the months go by…and there will be some days you’ll actually forget you had cancer at all - they come as abit of a shock the first few times and tend to put a smile back on your face - enjoy those moments . But as I said everyone is different - let me know how you get on.
But you’ve been through a hell of a journey already dont start thinking of the next step until you have to - it’s all small steps. It sounds as though your very strong … Bet it gets you like the rest of us at !! Love the touquoise scarf, some consider it a lucky colour go for it girl.
My Specialist put me on Anastrozole after complications with Tamoxafen and I was on them for about 6mths then my G.P. changed it to Nastroza a generic form as it is so much cheaper and to be honest I havnt seen any real difference Could talk myself into saying I have here but on a good day I think it is the same. What I am getting is alot of breast pain and Lymph soreness had the op in Nov.2009 so really I’d have thought it really shouldnt be doing it and wondered if there was a Nastroza link but since I cannot find anyone taking this particular generic meds guess i’ll have to ask my G.P or BC Nurse when I see her. Remember PG LITTLE STEPS try not to see too far ahead you’ve already climbed some big mountains and you know how physical and mental exhaustion is just round the bend for us all - Good luck pet let me know how it goes. LD

Thanks Lazydaisy

I’m 62 and already gone through a very easy monopause with no hot flushes or sweating, so don’t really relish the idea of starting with them now. Also, I have reumatoid arthritis, so have enough aches and pains as it it. Sorry if I sound a bit negative, but this is one of my bad days (last chemo next week, yippee). I’ll feel okay again soon. As you say, a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Thanks for the compliment on my little hat (not a scarf) I bought it from my local Maggies Centre, I also have a deep pink one and a lavender one. Good luck to you sweetie.

pg xx

Morning PG 1.30am ( see hot so having a walk about) Like you I’ve finished the menopause 64 so was abit miffed at beginning again still it;s doable . I’ve also got arthritus so really am hit with this bone ache but just forward plan . xx