National hereditary breast cancer helpline Lancs/Cumbria

Hi, are there any brca ladies out there from the lancs/Cumbria area, who would like to join our new group. We can meet up and chat with others about our experiences.
If interested either post here, or pm me. Thanks Sharon x

Sharon - would have done as in the area but was tested a couple of years ago and not brca1 or 2. As bc has affected me, my mum, both her sister’s and only female cousin (ie all the women apart from my sister on her side of family), they suspect it is caused by a gene they haven’t found yet.

Hope you are doing ok.

Liz (in Morecambe)

Do you only have to have a known mutation to be part of the group? I think there others with no gene but very strong family history who could probably do with support.

Hi lulu, no anyone who has a high risk of breast cancer, is very welcome to join. Hope your doing ok lulu.

Hi liz, I’m doing ok thank you, lovely to hear from you. If we can get a few ladies on board, we can sort something out.
Sharon x

Sharon - there is a lady on here under the name pianorchid who has been treated at RLI and was looking at setting up some sort of support for younger women so it may be worth messaging her. I ‘qualify’ at 47!!

Glad you are doing ok - I had a 2nd mx a couple of weeks ago to balance me up as I never had recon and the scar and everything is healing nicely. Mr P has done another fab job.

Let me know if I can do anything to help.

Liz x