natural yoghurt

Hi everyone,
Dont know if anyone can help with a really trivial question. My sister has very kindly just made me a chicken tikka with natural low fat yoghurt. I am 5 days into my first chemo and just finding out whats ok to eat .Is natural yoghurt ok or is it classed as live yoghurt .Thanks
Sharon xxx

Hi Sharon,

Natural yoghurt is fine as long as it is not live or probiotic. You will need to check the label carefully as some times it is in small writing.


Yum yum lucky you! Go ahead and enjoy! My chemo nurses said i could eat whatever i wanted throughout chemo, no banned foods at all. I never had a chemo delayed due to low bloods and was never hospitalised.

Enjoy your dinner!


Thank you girls its on its way round to my house as we speak xxx

Most natural yogs are just that - unflavoured, unsweetened. Unless it says ‘live’ it’s unlikely to be.

BTW I wasn’t given any diet dos and don’ts and have been happily eating seafood, runny brie, greek yog, etc all the way thru my chemo with no ill effects (last chemo was today). I may have just been lucky to escape any lurgies…


As chicken tikka is cooked I would guess that the heat would kill any live bacteria (if it was made with live yogurt)making it safe for you to eat.
K x

Sorry, double post!
K x

When I was suffering from tummy trouble on chemo and anti biotics, my onc suggested I had live yogurt to help the problem. When I questioned it she said the list of foods to avoid were too strict and food hygiene was a much more important issue. She added that she had never seen anyone with neutropenic sepsis from a live yogurt. It really did help my digestion too.


My Onc told me to eat whatever I could keep down. He also said that it was fine for me to continue with my vits and mins as long as I left out the folic acid which can hide anaemia.