Naughty Nipples! Which type???

Hi I have had tram flap re con and are due to have nipple re con IF I want one. Also to remove dog ears . Any advice please. I always find things out after the event so trying to be prepared for once. :womanlol:

Hi, I had tram flap years ago and chose not to have a new nipple. I did get a prosthetic this nipple made, and pierced, but rarely wore it. Around 5 years after op I decided to have a beautiful flower tattoo instead of a nipple. Wish I had done it earlier. Hope this helps x

Take your time. You will figure out what’s right for you. I knew I didn’t want more surgery hence lack of nipple. My confidence did suffer, would be lying if said otherwise. Your scars may need to heel though. Once I had it done i became a serial flasher though lol. I also had a big tattoo across my stomach.

Even without tattoos I know that the scars are now so faint.

I do know of someone who had a purple nipple made lol

Good luck