Nausea from ribociclib

I am half way through my 1st cycle of ribociclib and the nausea is really bad. I have had 4 days in bed because I felt so sick and weak. I feel really pathetic. I have been taking metoclopramide and my CSN gave me a prescription for ondansetron but nothing is helping. I am really struggling to drink as fluids just make me want to be sick. I have an appointment in oncology for bloods and an ECG on Thursday.  Can anyone offer any advice.  Is it like this for every cycle? 


I can’t offer any advice to help now , but I was the same for the first couple Of cycles. Then I started to feel better , I managed 600 mg for about 6 cycles then was reduced to 400mg because of low neutrophils, I have had no problems since then , keep taking your anti sickness , maybe talk to your team about a different type of anti sickness that might be more suited to you. I hope you start to feel better soon xx 

I really feel for you.   I had severe  nausea on Ribociclib, I was sick every day about an hour after taking the tablets in the morning.  My face would turn red suddenly and I would feel a wave of nausea and rush off to be sick.  They gave me three days off and then I started on it again and the same thing happened.  Anti sickness meds made no difference.  One day I had to go to the hospital for rehydration and IV antisickness meds.  After a month of this I had a two week break and then started Abemaciclib which I have been on for two and half years now with only diarrhoea for a side effect for which I take imodium.  My team was very surprised by my reaction and said it was unusual.  I hope you have better luck with it and feel better soon xx