Nausea three weeks post surgery

I had bilateral lumpectomy surgery just over three weeks ago, plus SLNB.
I didn’t have any nausea following the surgery, but for the last 2 weeks l’ve had intermittant nausea, sometimes lasting all day.
I haven’t taken any painkillers for about 12 days, so it can’t be a side effect of those.

Maybe it’s just a reaction to all the stress and anxiety post diagnosis/surgery and the upcoming further treatment.
Or I wondered if maybe it could be a normal symptom following breast surgery?


I’m sorry you are not feeling well. Anytime I am stressed. I get nauseous. I bet that is what it is. Hope you feel better soon.

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Thanks loulou1, it probably is the reason.

I also think it’s quite tiredness and stress as well and for some people anaesthetic and surgery can cause side effects for a while especially if you tried to get back to normal quickly - which most of us do . I experienced fatigue after radiotherapy and that made me feel nauseous for a few days . I also fell over a couple of times 2-3 weeks after lumpectomy and SNB - I’m a generally last minute person so I was doing what I would normally do which is rushing without stopping to think that maybe I wasn’t quite ready to rush . If you are able to do so I would take it easy for a few days , try to relax. Small amounts of food and drink especially anything with ginger may help as sometimes the act of eating can help the nausea go and not eating can make it worse . If you don’t feel better in a few days contact your team or your GP . Here’s hoping that you do though . Xx

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Hi, it could be an accumulative effect of your pain killers. Try reducing or eliminating them and see if the nausea improves. Just a suggestion. I hope it improves soon.

Hi sunshine7

Thank you for your post.

It sounds like you have been having a difficult time in the last couple of weeks with nausea following breast surgery. As the symptoms you are experiencing did not happen in the immediate period post-surgery understandable you want to know what they are due to and are wondering whether they are related to all the stress and anxiety associated with your diagnosis of breast cancer. As @JoanneN says many factors, such as tiredness, stress, the anaesthetic and surgery that can cause side effects, which can last for a while, especially if trying to get back to normal quickly. It sounds like you are possibility waiting for your pathology results and information about further treatments you may be recommended, again this is likely to be contributing to how your feel.

It is difficult to say in your individual case what the cause of your nausea may be and whether it is stress related, so we would always suggest contacting your treatment team, breast care nurse or GP so they can assess your symptoms and give you some advice.

In the meantime you may find this information about coping with breast cancer emotionally helpful to read.

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