Nausea two weeks after chemo

Hi everyone

I had my first chemo 22nd July 2010. For 5 days after I had extreme tiredness and was on another plane somewhere (apparently this was a reaction to the metaclopramide). I did not suffer with any nausea whatsoever. However, after the tiredness had gone I had about 5 days of feeling absolutely fab and full of energy. Then for the last few days I feel exhausted again - my oncologist told me that I have been overdoing things! Also for the last two days I have had nausea all day. Just wondered if anyone else has had similar???

Cheers xx

Hi Bird

I normally get tired again between 7-14 days after my chemo session as this is when your bloods counts go down, this makes me really lethargic. I haven’t suffered any sickness whatsoever but if you are having stomach probs such as indigestion or acid reflux this can cause nausea, your GP can prescribe something for this. With my 2nd chemo I didn’t take the metroclopramide anti sickness tablets, I just took the emend and ondansterion (probs not spelt right)and felt much better, didn’t feel as spaced out. Unsure what other anti sickness meds you are taking. I had my 3rd chemo on Thursday this week and feel so far so good but this could change! I am even having a curry tonight as my taste buds haven’t changed yet. Maybe speak to your Onc or GP about what other meds you can take.

Good luck for your next chemo.

Amanda xx

I had my first chemo Fri am
I was very sick 10.30pm and and 7,30 am Sat .Feeling sick and tired all today (Sat) Hopefully beter Sun

hello this is my first comment, have just joined BCC community, feeling like a big dark cloud looming near as am starting chemo next week and its just starting to sink in and feel scared…and the thing that scares me most of all is nausea. I can cope with needles and having no hair, im going to the hairdressers tomorrow to have hair cut very short. Starting with the FEC for three cycles then Doctaxel. Got information sheets out and read them and all the side effects which is probably not a good idea at bed time! A warm milky drink required now and some lighter reading.

Hi Irene

I have just finished 3x Fec and am due to have tax next time. Fec can make you feel nauseous but in most cases there are meds they can give you to make it better. If you do feel sick ask your team to give you different ones there are lots to try and they can be very effective. Remember when you are reading about se’s that you will not get them all or even most of them. But def keep a diary so you can report back to your team if things need changing and so you know what to expect next time. Enjoy your good days you will probably have more than you expect. Dx

Hi Irene and others
I too am worried about side effects (I start my chemo next week too, what day is yours?) thinking I am going to get everything! I was poorly after surgery when I expected that to go easily, so am feeling pessimistic.

From reading other posts there is a huge variation in how sick people are. Is there a link between this and how badly you were affected by morning sickness I wonder? Also there seems to be a lot you can do in terms of changing your drugs, but not all hospitals will offer this unless you ask, some oncologists are better than others.

When i asked my oncologists about side effects his only answer was ‘you’ll be fine’ which I found spectacularly unhelpful. We will see how good he is when it comes to treatment…

I do like the idea of a diary Midge, I shall do that. It’s easy for one day to merge into another, especially if you are feeling grotty.

Why don’t you join me on the 'starting chemo in July/ August thread Irene, then I wont be the only one on there who hasn’t had the watershed first chemo?

Hi Midge and Rusty thank you for reassurance yes first chemo next wednesday, my partner had suggested a diary so going to keep one as well. Will try not to read too much about side effects until they happen. Bought some nice scarves today and had haircut.

Hi Bird,
I have been finding that the nausea comes back sometimes throughout the 3 weeks. I hate the side effects of met. and ondan. My gp has suggested an old fashioned anti sickness drug like stematil for the not so bad days- it is not as strong and apparently has no side affects. My onc. hadnt thought of this but was happy to prescribe it this time so we’ll see…

Hi Bird, i sometimes feel sicker if i have been constipated, yet another SE of the drugs, i fine when i take lactulose regularly for constipation i have less sickness, but saying that i am on my 5th FEC cycle and i have felt mpore nausea than ever, i have had bad heartburn this time, i take lanzoprazole for heartburn but they give me a really dry mouth and some tongue ulcers.
Hope you are having a better day tody,
Take care Sandrae x


I know emend is supposed to be the holy grail of anti sickness but it didnt work for me. One that did help was aloxy. I think it is basically ondansatron but they give it to you through the cannula before chemo. So instead of having to take tablets when you feel sick already or have those dips when the sickness feels bad before you are due another dose, this lasts in your system for about 7 days. So if you find that ondansatron does work for you but it just doesnt last long enough between doses it is worth asking. I know my onc had to check the pct would pay but the answer was yes in a matter of minutes.