Nausea with Abemaciclib

I’ve had my dose reduced to 100 mg twice a day so the diarrhoea and stomach pains have eased. But weirdly, the nausea seems to be worse!! I take the tablet in the morning on an empty stomach but am now finding that I feel nauseous about an hour later. Wondering if I should eat first? Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? I have anti sickness tablets which work well but yesterday it didn’t work and by 3pm, I still couldn’t face food. Also, after the night time dose, I lay in bed feeling slightly hungry but now thinking that could be nausea related too. But as I have insomnia issues, I’m laying awake for hours feeling rotten!!
Any advise would be welcome xxx

Hi Moobloo,

I feel your pain with Abemaciclib although I’ve never had nausea just chronic stomach pains and diarrhoea.
I’m now on the lowest dose of 50mg twice daily and it really has helped along with loperamide twice daily. I’ve always eaten before taking Abemaciclib so I think that helps. I too am really tired taking it but then have sleep issues.

Keep going it’s gives us additional protection that this awful disease won’t return.
Sending you hugs x

Hi, thanks so much for messaging me back. I will definitely eat something before the tablet this morning to see if that helps xxx

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