Nearly 5 years tamoxifen , what next?

Hi everyone, had my mastectomy,full lymph node clearance, radio, chemo in 2014. Secondaries on chest and spine… but no symptoms.

been on tamoxifen , nearly done 5 years, been a struggle with all the horrible side effects, but I’ve done it.

now wanted to know shall I stay on tamoxifen for another 5 years , (dreading the thought) or change to another treatment ?   

What do you ladies take, and symptoms you get ?

scared to come off the tamoxifen as obviously it’s working but want to feel better, the sweating is unbearable at times… but is it better to stay as I am?

seeing oncologist this week but just need some feedback.

thankyou so much ?


I just wanted to say that your post has gone into the secondaries part of the forum. The title of the section ‘Treatments nd Medical Issues’ is very misleading as I have pointed out before to the site administrators. It’s not that it’s in a place it shouldn’t be but I don’t think you will get many answers, especially those form primary BC ladies. Maybe try posting it again in the main section of the forum, I’m sure there will be many ladies in the same position that can help.

Good luck

Nocky x