Nearly 7 years on...

Hi guys

Sorry if this snt the right place to post I having been on here in a long time and the site gas changed.

I had a double mastectomy on 2008 with full lymph removal on left side. My feeling gas only just come back and now I’m suffering a lot of pain on cancer side.

My consultant says ja shouldn’t be too concerned but as all of us cancer patients/survivors are aware…it’s not that easy.

Has anyone else experienced pain after mastectomy when feeling has come back, even tear skater?

Thanks for reading and sorry again if I posted in wrong section.


Hi Mairead

Sorry you haven’t had any replies to your question as yet, but hopefully someone will see your post now and get back to you.  If it’s anything the helpline staff can help you with please don’t hesitate to give them a call.  0808 800 6000 calls are free from landlines and most mobiles open weekdays 9-5 and Saturdays 10-2.

Take care,

Jo, Moderator

Gosh…that’s interesting. I only had my mastectomy a month ago and I have posted a thread asking about an ugly scar and numbness. I just assumed the feeling would come back reasonably quickly, but I am not beginning to think otherwise. My BCN was a bit vague…

I have nerve damage pain 13 years on though not as bad now as during the first years. If it is nerve damage you are suffering from it can be helped by trying Lyrica a drug usually prescribed for epilepsy. This helped me but I did not like the side effects and after a year came off it, but found that the pain from the nerve damage is less severe and just bothers me during the night now usually one to three times per night.
I hope you are not suffering from nerve damage but if you are it is worth trying something like Lyrica or perhaps ask your doctor to refer you to a pain clinic. I hope you get help soon