nearly a good result!

Hi all, I wrote last week as I was sent for mammogram and ultrasound by the GP who thought I had a cyst…then suddenly while there had a couple of biopsies sprung on me and told it was definitely not a cyst…went up today to get the results and was told that both biopsies were negative (hurrah!) but the sonographer is hardly ever wrong (!) and also she thought there was another lump behind the original one. So now I am having an MRI scan tomorrow which I am assured will tell me once and for all what is going on. Then another week waiting for results! uuuurgggggghhhhhhh!!! Whatever happens I definitely have to have my mystery lump(s) removed. Dont know whether to celebrate or not. Celebrate mildly I suppose! Good luck to everybody who may have/has/has had bc, all of you are wonderful women
Cheryl x

Thats such a relief for you .im sure the biopsies wont be wrong good luck with the MRI tomorrow, Id celebrate .I did when i was told my nodes were negative although i still had breast cancer to be told it hadnt spread past the lump was like winning the lottery and i didnt care about the money ha ha xx take care and let us know

Hi Cheryl,
Great news about your results and good luck for your MRI scan, let us know how it goes.

Best Wishes to you and your boys,

Isabelle xxx

hey all, change it to really a good result! The MRI scan came back clear as well, the consultant said the last time the sonographer thought a lump was malignant and it turned out not to be was 14 years ago so (thankfully!) I am something of a rarity. Still need op to remove lump and a lymph node, that will be later this month and then they are going to study the removed bits for two weeks, seems they cant believe it. Obviously I am so relieved n happy. But I really feel for the rest of you who aren’t as lucky, good luck to every single one of you special ladies.
Cheryl x

I set up a facebook group called “I will check my breasts” because when all this happened only two of my friends said they are breast aware, none of the others thought they would notice a small change…my mission is for absolutely all women to be breast aware, so if anyone wants to join the group or invite people to that would be good, I dont gain anything from it other than the hope that more women will be breast aware and might spot something they wouldn’t have done if they were anything like most of my friends.
Cheryl x

Hello Cheryl,
Pleased to hear your good news today, thank goodness that sonographer was wrong this once!!! Good luck with your surgery, I’m sure you will sail through it now, knowing the good outcome in advance.
I also got good news today, that they have got the result they hoped for and that my margins and SNB are all clear. They are now reffering me for my radiotherapy and I will be having five years of tablets, Femara - I think.
I’m so happy I can’t tell you !!! It’s such a relief to get this news as you get allsorts in your mind.
I have such good support on this site and everyone no matter what stages they are at are so helpful and positive , I thank everyone for their great support of one another.

Best Wishes to all,

Isabelle xxx

thankyou, and congrats to you as well, sorry you have to have all the rads n tablets, but so pleased you also have good news! This site has been fantastic, in the last couple of weeks I have gone thru planning my funeral and leaving instructions on how to bring up the kids to thinking that when it’s all over I am gonna climb Everest or something…you really do go all over the place mentally. Good luck
Cheryl x

op on monday to remove lump and dodgy lymph node…consultant still doesn’t believe it’s not malignant even tho biopsies and MRI scan were clear! Then another two week wait while its all analysed in the lab…
love to all of you

Good luck and best wishes for Monday Cheryl, the waiting always drives people mad, it’s something we just aren’t very good at here!

Isabelle xxx

Hi Cheryl,

What a pain! Hopefully you will get things sorted a.s.a.p, well at least you won’t get messed about with your dx after your surgery, surely then you can be 100% sure, better to be safe than sorry.

Keep us posted, will be thinking of you on Monday.

Take care Sandrae x x x

hi all, had op on Monday, that was OK except now the wound under my arm is infected, ouch…got a letter today which is a copy of what was sent to my GP which says there was evidence of fibrosis and microcysts but no malignancy so am off to do some googling…
good luck to everyone who is enduring treatment/waiting
Love Cheryl x

Hello Cheryl,
Sorry to hear that you have an infection, hope you are feeling better soon. Glad to here that there is no malignancy,

Best Wishes

Isabelle xxx

Hi Cheryl

So pleased you have had a good result and hope your infection clears up quickly.

Have joined your facebook group and passed to female friends - great idea.

Love Anne xx

thanks to everyone for your support, sadly this infection seems to be a bit stubborn, its all very yucky but things could be so much worse…seeing consultant again on 21st for a definitive and final (at least I hope so!) diagnosis of the lump…Cheryl x

Hello Cheryl,
Sorry to hear that your having a bad time with your infection,I hope all goes well when you see your consultant next week.
I go back on the 23rd for my six week check up, I thought everything was ok the other week but I think I jumped the gun a bit as they now say they haven’t got all of my results back yet. Those they have got are not as good as I had hoped for, now I will just have to wait and see…
We should all be used to waiting eh!!!

Best Wishes,

Isabelle xxx

firstly, Isabelle I really hope everything works out ok for you x

Apparently my lump was a polyp in a milk duct that for some reason some kind of benign tumour had formed around, weird, but now have the all clear, no increased risk of bc. I have got a vein in my arm that looks like someone has threaded a straw thru it tho! Off work for another 4 weeks coz of that. I am so relieved, but I send all my positive thoughts, prayers and love to every single one of you x

Cheryl x

A perfect description of exactly what I have got, found of course on the bcc site

Mondor’s disease