nearly done

hey peeps
I had part 4a of my CMF yesterday…so just one more to have next wednesday woohoo first part all over with lol…just the rest of it to get sorted oh the joys. Had a good giggle with the usual suspects in the waiting room…nurse came through…aha your turn…aha what do i win…erm a drop of poison hows that…thatll do for me…can i have some jelly tooooo. So the waiting room errupts in hysterics which is always good fun. Got to know the same peeps so erm needless to say we never behave in their…im the youngest so its good fun having a giggle with the ‘old boys’ bless em. Had a rigmarole finding a vein, but got one eventually…so it only has to hold up til next wednesday…and then theyve got time to recover woohoo. So had fun having it, got erm drunk lol and got the old itchy nose, which always makes me giggle…well been as though the oncologist banned me from alcohol…its the closest i get lol.

The best bit was…i had to see the oncologist the same afternoon…you try being sensible while still off your face…its just not possible.
Anyway, hes pleased with how ive gone on my chemo…or rather chuckling at the state of me anyway lol. So hes busy booking my rads, which hopefully will start 3 weeks after chemo…he bawled the nurse out cos my HER results still are not back in…since december takes the mickey somewhat. Says hell send me a letter and i said whatever im going to see you on my rads anyway so is no biggie. He went through all the side effects and basically said in a nutshell my collar bone is going to become weakend as are my ribacage, possible heart probs and top of my lung may get fried…my response ahhh well nevermind. Think he figured out that the world could blow up at that moment and I wouldnt care…oooops. Plus he had a dangly bogie hanging out of his nose and that just fascinated me cos it kept wiggling when he breathed.
He also gave me my first prescription of tamoxifen which I start two weeks clear of last chemo…forgot to ask when i could have surgery again…see wiggly bogie. However, the major question was, when can I drink beer again, and he laughed as hed been wondering how long it would be before I asked that one…soooo officially and with permission i can be back on icey cold stella ahhh how ive missed thee lol two weeks past last chemo…but i think ill play it safe to make sure its all out my system and wait 3 weeks…which comes in handy cos weve got a wedding to go to on that weekend…im sooooo going to get trollied wooohoooo.
Anyway ladies chin up and have a good day

Hi Buttons,

your post has really made me chuckle, thank you! How nice for you to be just 1 away from finishing your chemo, I’m sooooooooooo jealous. I had my very first CMF yesterday, I’m a big girl now! Feel like I’m finally making progress. Even so the end of chemo still seems along way off. The Epi went fairly quickly so I’m hoping the CMF will too. Did it go quickly for you? I’m really looking forward to a whole 3 weeks off between treatments. Being on accelerated Epi was lovely but it did feel like I was never away from the hospital!

So, onwards and upwards for you then eh?! Next stop radiotherapy. I’ve got that to look forward to next so I’ll be keen to see how you find it. I hope it goes really well for you.

Enjoy that wedding in a couple of weeks, ‘let your hair down!!’ LOL!! I hope you get suitably sloshed, you certainly deserve it.

Take care and I wish you well for the next stage in your treatment,


i found the cmf quicker and sooooo much easier than the epi…hated that with a passion as we just didnt get on well lol.
The cmf was nice…the drunk feeling is ace, the stupid grin that gets stuck on your face is annoying just wont go away…i do keep asking hubs to let me drive home and for some strange reason he says no cant think why lol. The cmf has flown by…and not to many nasty effects apart from feeling tired and heartburn oh yeah and blowing up like a barrage balloon cos of the inability to pooo without medical magic lol…movecol rules lol. Its going to be weird when chemo is over…what am i going to do with myself every 3 weeks lol. It is nice though having a lot more normal days on cmf rather than being a walking corpse on the epi. My hair has come back, the wind now ruffles it, which is nice, weird feeling, but nice lol.
Im looking forward to the rads…no needles and i can just lie there for however long.
Im sooo not going to get suitably sloshed…am intending to get well and truly pickled…well if the chemicals havent done it, then the alcohol will lol.
Good luck with the rest of your cmf, itll fly by chica, before you even notice it youll be on the next bit chica

Well done you, I have my last cycle 1st and 8th August then it’s rads for 3 weeks. Had part 2 of 7 yesterday and feel fine, like you said this one is soooooooo much nicer than the Epi and I can relate to the blowing up bit (and the wind that goes with it - phew!). I’ve been a naughty girl and have been drinking all through my chemo (not continuously, lol) apart from the 1st 48hrs after (Onc said it was ok). You’ll probably have just one drink and be flat on your back, but who cares! Hair is coming back nicely albeit grey and I’ve just been for a new wig today as I didn’t want to go from long to Sinead O’Connor is one go. It’s absolutely fab, I love it, it’s a Pob (ish). We also then went into Next where I bought a top, some jeans and some socks, then went into Superdrug. I was only going in for some Aqueous Cream when hubby said he was ‘popping’ into Game, then I saw the perfume I have been wanting for a while Coco Channel Madamoiselle (spelling??). It didn’t have a price against it, but I thought ‘what the heck’, when I got to the till it was £56!!! bl**dy hell. Of course, I still bought it - serves him right for leaving me unsupervised.

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods, it’s p**ing it down here and quite cold - funky fleecy tartan jammies will be making a comeback if it’s as chilly near you lol.

Let us know how you get on with the last one.

Love & hugs Julie

lol busted am wearing my funky fleecy tartan jammies right now lol…as for shopping sprees…well hubs keeps getting sent away to play silly soldier in a muddy field…well what else am i to do on the puter lol…click click click…ooops. My onc banned me from alcohol the first time i saw him…grrr…however cant wait to have a nice cold beer ahhhh yum. Im going to be a complete lightweight…or not…heck if i can get though chemo im sure i can work my way through a crate of beer lol. Wonder which is stronger…hmmm chemo poison or alcohol…now thats a question to ask the poison doc next time i see him. Its chilly here…but with hot flushes…got no probs with standing outside for a few minutes, flapping my jammies in erm appropriate hot places lol…anything to cool down. Lucky you only getting 3 weeks rads…your going to be finished long before me…or round about the same time…ive got 5 weeks to have. But yeah fully agree with you serves hubs right for leaving you unsupervised while going into game tsk tsk what was he thinking lol.


what a brill thread - laughed so much over the bogie. I’ve just had part 2 of the second cycle- when can i expect my hair to grow??? its starting coming back on my legs though!!!

My onc never told me to stop drinking, thinking about it he never told me to drink either!!! I had a wedding rignt at the end of my first CMF cycle and felt great that day - so great I ended up drinking far toooo much but really apprecaited it. Hope the wedding is a blast and you enjoy that cold Stella

Good for you - I am corona girl myself, sure its just the lime thing (fruit so must be healthy drink). I am also on the homeward stretch, 1 left 27th July. In the meantime I am celebrating with the crisps alone. Heres to the end of July !

absolutely ladies lol. Kelyn…if youve got sprouty legs…wont be long til it comes back on your bounce. Youve probably got a fine downy baby hair thing going on on your heeed, but it will come back with a vengence and quickly too. Mine came back through round about 2nd cycle of cmf, so its not long to go. However, having to dig out where id put my razor grrrrr really annoyed me…not used it for months so how was i supposed to know what ‘safe’ place id put it in lol.
Jane…completely if its got fruit in it, it must be good for you lol, still trying to convince hubs that choccie covered fruit is healthy…hes not having any of it lol.

We are allowed anything we want and I do my best to exploit this. After all the steroids make you stuff your face so who can blame us. My husband has also taken on board the comfort eating to keep me company and seems to have willingly given up swimming aswell.