nearly eight years

Just signing in, nearly eight years since diagnosed. I pop in every now and then to say hello to everybody. I had a 4cm tumour 4 lymph nodes affected vascular invasion her 2 positive. Since then I have got 7 more grandchildren and still working at 64. I am a glass half empty type so can’t believe I am still here. Good luck to everyone. xxxx

Hi eileen765

                     Thats just wonderful :slight_smile: thank you for posting this it will give hope to many people on here myself included I am coming up to 3 years from dx ( Feb ) , always better to have a glass half full isnt it, all the very best to you xx

Thankyou for bothering to let us all know.  How fantastic and what a boost for us going through it at this time. xx

That’s fantastic to hear.  I love reading stories like yours eileen765.