Nearly there


I have just had my 2nd Docetaxel (1 more to go ?). Does anyone know if, after the last Docetaxel you still have to have the Zarzio injections? Think these injections give me stomach cramps and diarrhoea, would be nice to think I didn’t have to go through all this again ?

Hi Murphsmum


Well done on your progress!!


The injections carry on until the end, but if you are having problems with the daily ones then talk to your chemo team, I was in a lot of pain with docetaxel and they let me have the one off injection instead for my 2nd and 3rd docetaxel, its not routinely offered as it is more expensive.


I found this really helped me so its worth asking, but they injections are needed to support your immune system. 


Docetaxel gave me diarrhea, but this was counteracted by the consitipation caused by the cocodamol I was taking for the pain, I tread a very thin line between taking laxido and Loperamide!! Loritadine (hayfever medicine) also helped with managing the bone pain I had which was caused by both the injections and the Docetaxel.


Good luck


Helly xx