Neck lymph nodes - recurrence

Hi, I am pretty much new to this site. I was diagnosed in July 2015 with grade 3 triple negative BC. I had lumpectomy and node clearance (only 1 out of 18 nodes affected). Then chemo and radiotherapy. I completed my treatment in March this year and in July, a year to the day of my initial diagnosis, I discovered lumps in my neck. Unfortunately, they have turned out to be a recurrence, most probably something left over from my original cancer. I have had ct scan and bone scan, both of which have been clear. I start chemo (Gemcarbo) on Tuesday and will then have radiotherapy again.
Just wondering whether anybody else has been in a similar position. I feel do low at the minute. I was just beginning to pick myself up after last year and now it’s all happening again, although feels worse as it has begun to spread. I have three young daughters too and it’s so hard trying to carry on as normal, although I am lucky enough to have an amazing husband.
Thanks for reading, Allyson xxx

Hi Allysonmcf, 

Welcome to the Forum but I’m really sorry that you find yourself here. Our Forum users are very supportive and friendly and I am sure they will be along to share their experiences soon.

In the meantime please do call our helpline at 0808 800 6000 who will be able to talk to you about some of your worries, talk through any questions you may have and offer a freindly ear. The opening hours are below. 

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Thank you xxx

Hi Allyson,sorry you haven’t had a reply from fellow users.Its very ,very hard doing this once nevermind twice but unfortunately we all know it’s something we may have to deal with .Good luck with your treatment hope it treats you kindly this time,Jill.

Hi Alison

I have just seen your post as have been away on holidays. I had a recurrrance in a node in my arm 18 months ago and had it removed and no furthur treatment, as I have already had radio on that area and had complted chemo for the third time 10 months prior to finding the new tumour. Presently Im NED. I hope your treatment is going well x

Thank you Bernadetteh

Hi Alison,


I am in a similar, although not exactly the same boat.


Following a routine mammogram in August last year, I found I had ER+ invasive cancer in my right breast. I considered myself very lucky as it was quite small and was dealt with by means of a lumpectomy, radiotherapy and letrozole for the next 5 years. I was up and about in no time and managed to get through it all without shedding a tear.


Unfortunately, at my first follow up mammogram a few weeks ago, a problem was detected in my left breast. Further tests show I have a larger lump, this time hormone negative and I have to wait to see if it is HER2+ or triple negative. Apparently, it is a new primary cancer. I’m having a further lumpectomy on Wednesday and, as there is also at least one node affected, a full node clearance.  


I would imagine that you feel like I do - a bit like being hit by lightening twice. I’m not finding at easy to deal with this time and am much more fearful about my long term prospects. I’m here if you want a bit of hand holding.






Oh Gracie, I’m so sorry to hear this. It seems so unfair doesn’t it? At least yours has been found quickly again but I know it’s such a smack in the face when you’ve only just been through it all.
It sounds as though u have something similar to what I had first time round as I had full node clearance with just one affected. If u end up having chemo this time, just know that it’s not a lot of fun, by doable.
I know we both need to take just one day at a time but that’s easier said than done. I’ve had to go to my GP to get some help regarding my emotional state. It’s taken a few weeks but I think the tablets have finally kicked in a bit now. I’m here to hold ur hand too! Love Allyson xxx

Hi Gracie. Lovely to hear from u. Not too bad thanks. Will finish 6 weeks of radiotherapy on Wednesday. I did have chemo initially to try to shrink the lumps in my neck, but unfortunately this didn’t work. The lumps aren’t operable because of where they are, so I’m hoping the radiotherapy has blitzed them. Not sure I’m holding out too much hope though as I can still feel them.
How r u getting on? Xxx

Hi Alison I was also diagnosed with tnx in 2015. Had 6mths of chemo. It returned in June 2017 and had metastases to adrenal gland, bone and neck. I’ve undergone approx 4 chemotherapy. The last one a tablet one called capecitabine which I had good results from but the nodes in my neck didn’t reduce and now getting bigger. I’m about to start a clinical trial for tnbc so hope it works.
I get low as times especially when it impinge on your life. Just had to cancel my holiday. I live alone .Have friends but not near me. Get lots of phone calls. Triple negative bc is hard to manage but keep going and keep positive they are finally finding new drugs to manage it

Hello Ruby ,welcome to the forum.Im sorry you are having such a difficult time, so sorry you have had to cancel your holiday .I hope you get some success from your clinical trial and you can re- book your trip .There is a very active secondary breast cancer section of the forum and there are triple negative ladies regularly posting there .This thread is quite old so the last you responded to may not still be on the forum .