Neck lymph nodes

Hello everybody. If you have read my last post you will see I have been really struggling with the worry of diagnosis. I had 2 grade 3 tumours, no lymph node involvement. Mastectomy in jan and starting EC chemo this week. I was so worried this had spread I paid for a ct scan. This showed a small lesion on liver and in lungs. Consultant said it was infection in lungs and the liver one is tiny which he believes is not cancer. The oncologist also agreed. However I have a hard lump behind my ear in my neck. It is sore and have had a horrible stiff neck. I have been having constant headaches and nausea so I convinced myself this had spread to my brain. The consultant therefore scanned my head. He said he did not believe it had but he would do for my piece of mind. This was clear. He said the lump behind my ear is nothing as I have had a ct scan. This continues to be really sore, hard and aches. He felt the lump and wasn’t worried. If I take painkillers the discomfort doesn’t go. I have no infection in my ear. I thought it had started to fade but it has been back worse than ever yesterday and today. It wakes me in the night. I know I am a pain as I have struggled with all this so much. Do any of you lovely ladies know if a ct scan would show this? Thank you x

Hi Caz. I’m sure the doctors done the CT scan because they know it would show something up if it was there. Glands can come up for any reason. Once for about a week my head felt bruised at the back and I went to the doctor’s who told me it was because I had been scratching the eczema on my scalp which has made a gland come up. Why not give your consultant a ring and let them put your mind at rest :slight_smile: xxx

Thank you bumble girl. When I’ve asked the BC nurse she said it couldnt be anything as I’d had a ct scan. I’m worried as is been like this about 3 weeks maybe more. I hoped it was getting better as it wasn’t so stiff but its been awful last night and today. Been lying my neck on a water bottle tonight. It helps the neck stiffness but I can still feel the discomfort from the lump. Thank you again for your caring response. Much appreciated xxx