Need a boost please!

Hi everyone!
Feeling very sorry for myself and down, especially after a chemo break over Christmas where I felt almost normal again, last week was back to reality with chemo and oncology appointments and the general doom and gloom that comes with TNBC. I’m just looking for a bit of boost, anyone in a good mood or feeling optimistic please come my way! Or anyone else feeling like me and just a bit meh at the moment?!


Sending you a huge hug - it’s so hard isn’t it? I feel like I think of nothing else but BC or waiting for the next appointment. How long is your treatment for?

We are all in this together :heart: to lift each other up. Take care xxx


Last year I managed to make it to Love Supreme Festival , Candi Staton was playing and right before her last song she announced that in 2018 she had been diagnosed with TNBC and that initially there were times that she wondered if she would make it especially at her age (78 then) . She thought she wouldn’t be able to sing again and she certainly never thought she would be able to go out on tour again - but there she was up on stage.

I had tears rolling down my face and I wanted to run up on stage and hug her ( doubt her security would have been impressed ) . So I danced my heart out to " You’ve got The Love " instead.

I found her story inspiring - I hope it gives you a little lift.

Joanne x


That’s beautiful Joanne. :heart:


Ahhhh ……the highs and lows of the breast cancer journey.
January can be a gloomy month and the treatment process doesn’t help. Keep focusing on every lovely thing, person or experience that comes into your life.
Fokus on taking tiny steps forward and now and again allow yourself to feel miserable. The BC journey ignites every possible emotion.
Big hugs and all the very best


It’s made me so happy waking up to these wonderful replies! Thank you for the smiles this morning!!

@sarahc_123 Treatment is the majority of this year, but hoping by the end of 2024 it’ll be onwards and upwards! Where are you at with your treatment? It really is “what’s next in the diary”, but I’m trying to put some time in with friends and family on those empty days inbetween the icky appointments. Brighter days are coming! :heart:

@JoanneN wow I did not know this about Candi Staton at all, and what a beautiful moment for you to have been a part of! I’ve got You’ve Got the Love on full blast this morning, thank you this has really motivated me today :heart:

@Eglis Out of this horrible situation it’s so nice to come to this forum and people just get it. I finally feel like I can get out of bed after EC last week and the sun is shining. Small wins! I hope you’re keeping well, I hope we go on to have better January’s :heart:


I think we have many more better Januaries ahead of us!


Love Candi Staton - Young hearts run free is one of my favourite songs :heart:
I’m TNBC at 60 and feel that what I was hoping for my older age/retirement has been put on hold or possibly taken away from me.
Tomorrow I get my post op histology results and ongoing treatment plan.
Praying I get a good result and will be able to somehow put this behind me :pray:


I can completely relate to your post! Had the worst day today, tried everything in my wellbeing toolbox to feel better but none of it has worked today. Loved reading everyone’s positive posts and really needed that today. We’re still here, still fighting. Sending lots of love x


Aw many thanks Joanne for your uplifting post. To know at 78 years old she was on stage singing is wonderful. I think I’ll get my music on (probably Erasure as it always makes me smile with lovely memories). I was triple negative breast cancer diagnosed 2021 and my surgery & treatment ended in January last year. I’ve been struggling lately as the side effects have worsened during the cold weather and the hopeless fatigue persists.My yearly review is due next week so I’m on tenterhooks. I know this sounds odd but hearing from others affected by TNBC helps, I feel lighter already reading your msg. I send you all my best wishes, hang on in there and you’ll get through it. Love Joan xxx


I have to say I don’t actually have TNBC myself - mine was ER / PR+ . But I was inspired by her - it felt remarkable that I was there to hear what she had to say and when I read that @Yasmeink needed a boost it seemed like the right time to share .

Hang in there everyone and love and respect to you all .

Joanne x


Oh wow fingers crossed for your results tomorrow! And I hope you manage a good night’s sleep too, I know they’re hard to come by when you’re waiting on updates nowadays. Don’t lose hope on your retirement plans though! My partner and me are in our 30s and had all sorts of ideas for our retirement but our attitude has very much changed to f*** it, we’ll do them now! We deserve it after all we’ve been through and you do too :slight_smile:

Oh no sorry to hear about your rough day! 100% with you, and this thread helped me so much today :slight_smile: please feel free to reach out to me whenever you’re feeling low, we can pick each other up again!

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It’s always so hard during the run up to receiving results. I had surgery for TNBC in Jan 2023 (in UK) and have just seen oncologist who seems happy. I just had mammogram on remaining boob and get CT scan in spring. I wish you well

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I endured all treatments in 2023 and Jan was definitely a rough month for me. I was on my 2nd chemo infusion, my hair fell out and i had a severe reaction to Taxotere where i thought i was going to die. For me it got worse before things got better. The steroids i was receiving to avoid the severe reaction also caused my face and eyes to swell up, I also had stys on both eyes. All happened after my last chemo infusion…I looker like a monster and felt the world coming down on me. But I refused to shut down and what helped was getting up everyday, opening up my blinds to let the sunshine in, and take one day at a time.

Remeber, time moves forward and it only means you are that much closer to the finish line. Stay positive and remember how strong you are. We are all here if you need to vent :heartpulse:

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Thank you @julieth ! Sorry to hear you had a rough time with treatment but it’s so so reassuring to know you made it through❤️

Also for anyone who might be interested- My hospital managed to get my 3 year old a “snuggle buddy” - a crocheted dinosaur dressed up as a superhero - through Scamp and Dude, he was made up with it! Worth looking into if any you have small kids/grandkids etc :slight_smile:

I was also gifted an afternoon tea through Something To Look Forward To that I’ll be having with friends tomorrow - so excited! The team are super friendly and it’s so nice to be able to catch up with friends and not worry about spending (cost of living crisis and all that). They have loads of vouchers on there that you can apply for, I think you either have to be in active treatment or within 12 months of treatment. Such a wonderful idea for a charity!

Hope everyone’s doing ok! :heart:

Sending you a big hug. X

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