need a good sleep

can anyone help? had 2nd mastectomy on nov 12 08, everything appears to b going fine, no chemo or radiotherapy this time, my first op 5 years ago, my problem is im finding it difficult to get a full nights sleep my ribs are very sore when im laid on op side, which s my primary sleeping side, any advice would b welcome

Hi slimpet,

I have also had 2nd mastectomy with a 3 yr gap between and am another one that sleeps on my side. I found it very difficult to do this after surgery (and still do) even though this was back in 1995 & 1998. I found a wedge of foam that I could place along the length of my back so I could compromise half way between side & back helped.


Hiya Dawnhc, thanx for that tip, i will give it a go, i used a feather and down pillow through the night last night but it kept moving when i did, i remember it being sore last time, but i didn`t sleep on that side much, although it is fine now, will let u no how i get on when i find some foam cheers, slimpet

thanx Dawnhc, gave that tip a o and it worked, have slept much better.
thanx again