Need a hand please!!

Since a prolapse disc in my spine (not bc related) in the middle of my last chemo treatment my movement has been restricted, to add to this Im back on chemo and suffering fatigue and generally c.b.a. Anyway to get to the point, I need a shower fitting in my bathroom as some days its almost impossible to get into the bath, now in the time of this credit crunch and my not working who is the best person to ask about funding for this to be done, is it a referal to the OT I’m not really up to speed with whats out there and what were entitled to, is any one out there more informed than me (of course the is) that can give me a helping hand with who to go to. I do get DLA Im not sure if this makes a difference.

Thanks ladies

Sue xx

Hi Sue

You might find this information about Disabled Facilities Grants helpful.

Best wishes


Hi Sue

Just after my 2ndary dx, I had a visit from Occ Therapist (Social Services) and from the Hospice to see what aids would help me. We already had a shower cubicle - but they sorted out a stair lift, perching stool, a bed riser, a toilet frame/surround etc etc

Although I dont need a lot of these at the moment, they are there just in case - and they were very quick at sorting them out (which scared the sh1t out of me at the time!)

We are thinking about moving house and I know that an old lady lived there previously - a stair lift had been fitted. BUT the bathroom needs total overhaul.
I was wondering about enquiring about a grant too (but on a downside, believe that it needs to be paid back if anything happens within 5 years :frowning: )

Anyway, yes I think OT is the one that you need to speak to

Take care

Love Anne xx

Hi There,
You could speak to your BCN about a Macmillan grant. I got one when I was struggling to pay the bills while on the sick. Worth a try. Also if you live in the North East I could put you in touch with a very cheap plumber. My Father-in-law.
Lots of love Andrea xx

Yes, just phone your local social services number and you can refer yourself to an occupational therapist. They will tell you what you can get for free and what other financial help is available if you want to go ahead with major changes.
It’s prob a good idea to sound out local cancer charities, Macmillan, hospice, BCNs etc as well - there’s all sorts of help out there and if you don’t ask…
Good luck
Jacquie x