Need a hug

Need a hug

Need a hug I came off Arimidex last month, after my 5 year treatment stint. I know I am lucky that I never had a course of chemo, with all its implications and effects so I should not grouse but I would like to tell someone anyway about how I feel today.

During the last year on Arimidex the menopause symptoms became even more intense - hot flushes every hour round the clock, sweats, aches and pains and exhaustion - but I was kept going by the thought that I was on the last lap of treatment and it would all be over soon.

However, now I am on my own, as it were, to survive without any further treatment support except for yearly hospital checks, I sometimes feel vunerable and of no further interest, as I have survived for the magic 5 years, so anything more is a bonus. I know this is not an altogether logical argument but it is how I feel from time to time.

Today I feel a little down as I did expect that my menopause symptoms that I survived whilst taking the Arimidex would have lessened by now but they show no sign of subsiding. I am still kept awake by muscle pains in my legs and hips, and by hourly hot flushes, often preceded by feelings of nausea and exhaustion and when I have to change position in bed and throw off the sheet which I sleep under some nights. On extra warm days I still have to sit on a towel on my arm chair in the evenings, to prevent damp patches appearing upon its upholstery. Waves of exhaustion still frequently catch me each day and I then I feel depressed.



There, a little better for a whinge!

Hi MaryB

Sorry you’re feeling so low today, but maybe your menopause symptoms will subside in time, as it’s only a month since you finished Arimidex - perhaps it’ll take a while longer to get ‘out of your system’. Sending loads of cyber hugs to make you feel better.

Can emphasise about the hot flushes - I’ve been on tamoxifen for 5 months now, and the hot flushes are really getting me down. Have invested in a ‘chillow pillow’ and that works really work in the night. Only today have bought 2 mini battery operated fans - going to keep one in the car and one in my handbag for emergencies. Maybe you can ask your GP if there is something he can prescribe to make symptoms less troublesome?

Hope you’ll soon feel better - give yourself a treat - anything that makes you feel better! Sometimes a trip to the shops will cheer me up, other times a lovely warm bath full of bubbles, glass of wine, my favourite CD playing (usually Robbie Williams - I know, sad, but true!!), and perhaps a lighted scented candle. All of these things go a little way to cheering me up - maybe they’ll work for you. Hope so anyway, thinking of you.

Love and loads of hugs, Jean xx


This is for you:


  • hope that’s a big enough hug to do the job!

You have come so far and well done to you for staying the course. Think back to how you felt after you put each hurdle behind you (op, rads, etc.), and enjoy the fact that this should be the last one. It may take some time to get the drugs out of your system. Be patient - I’m sure better, pain-free, energetic days will come, but give yourself time. It’s easy to forget how much you’ve gone through.

And even though your appointments and check-ups may be less frequent now, you know that your onc team are only ever a phone call away, and there is always help and support to hand on this site.

A warm, bubble bath in the glow of a scented candle sounds like the perfect place to plan for all the future treats you can have. Now go and enjoy life. You owe it to yourself.

Good luck to you,


Hi Mary B

You should be so proud of yourself for getting this far. Yes it will be scary not having more regular checks, but remember we are always here to listen,

I am on Letrozole which is the same group as Arimedex and I too suffer from hot flushes and muscle pain. Give your body time to adjust and let the drugs leave your system.

We are always here to listen.

My daughter who is 11 always signs her cards with o being a hug.

Hope this helps.



hugs on way… feeling so rough must be awful so just wanted to send lots of love and hugs to you.Fully understand the flushes-mine are wicked too-have to chose clothes carefully or look like lve wet myself.sleep on towel these days.but hey ho im alive!
hugs sharonxx

Mary Hi Mary,

Well done you for getting this far!!!

I’m on Tamoxifen and luckily my hot flushes have subsided, but I’m plagued with joint pains.

Already been said, but can your doctor do something to help with these horrible symptoms? Seems like your quality of life is the pits!

Give yourself special treats to keep your spirits up.

Here’s another hug to add to your collection (I sat in the fridge for half an hour so I’d be nice and cool!!):

((((((((((((( HUG )))))))))))))))

Jacki xx

Thanks for hugs Thanks everyone who sent me hugs. I knew I could rely on you all to respond with support.

I will continue to use my electric fans everywhere at home (including one in the bedroom - which is a big help), my Rescue Remedy mouth spray to hand (recommended), face cooling spray at work and home plus the warm baths and drink ‘medicine’ as prescribed!


message for daisies Hi Jean

I was reading your profile and I was hoping that your bone scan turned out OK??