need advice about weekly Paxiltaxol

Hi Ladies, im starting 12 x Paxiltaxol weekly with herceptin and pertuzumab once every 3 weeks, before sugery, i was supposed to have had 3 x EC once every 3 weeks, then 3 x doxetaxol but after the first infusion of EC i had awful side effects, told my onc and he decided skip the other 2 x EC and put straight onto to the doxetaxol but that chemo was even worse for me, onc then decided to stop chemo altogether and said i should have my mascetomy now and then go from there, to give me a bit of respite, as he put it …had the op and recovering well from that, im cancer free at present but as i had 17/24 lymph nodes infected and i am HER2+ thankfully no other spread to any where else, as my onc was aware of all the side effects i had from my previous 2 chemo’s, he has said i am to have 12 x paxiltaxol, weekly, with herceptin and pertuzumab …can anyone tell me if the weekly chemo is milder/less harsh then 3 weekly chemo or will i be continually feel bad? im quite worried about it, will i have herceptin and pertuzumab  with my first paxiltaxol? also will i have to have the 5 day Filgrastim injections? sorry for all the questions im so worried about it all    xx

I can’t say if it is milder but it wasn’t too bad for me. I posted ‘PACLITAXEL - LUCKILY MOSTLY MILD SIDE EFFECTS FOR ME’ about 2 weeks ago. Hope it helps