Need advice please

hi i posted a couple of weeks ago regarding pain in rib area im 10mths post radiotherapy and LD flap reconstruction, i have since noticed a ‘line’ running from under my affectex breast to abdomen running over my ribs im thinking this could be cording has anybody else experienced this? If so what advice can you give please really does hurt pain relief not working TIA :heart_decoration:

Hi Charliep5 - I’m really sorry you are suffering, and hope someone will be along to help. You have posted in the “talk to a moderator” section of the forum, you should get more help or replies if you post in the Going Through BC treatment, surgery section - I am going to try to post a link to that section and you can copy and paste your question there -

Alternatively, you might like to call the nurses on here, or your own BC nurse at your hospital for advice, especially as you are in a lot of pain.

Sending big hugs and hope you get an answer and a solution very soon.

Evie xx