Need advice please?

hi i posted a couple of weeks ago regarding pain in rib area im 10mths post radiotherapy and LD flap reconstruction, i have since noticed a ‘line’ running from under my affected breast to abdomen running over my ribs im thinking this could be cording has anybody else experienced this? If so what advice can you give please really does hurt pain relief not working TIA  :heart_decoration:

Sorry you are in pain - it’s miserable - I have pain at the moment that’s not touched by painkillers either it’s depressing .It could be cording but only a medic would be able to tell you ,I had rib pain for a couple of years post radiotherapy - I presume you are still under the breast team could you ring the nurses for advice ? 

Hi charliep5

I’m so sorry to read of the pain you have. I still have pain from radiotherapy above and below my mastectomy scar on the ribs themselves. My GP has prescribed pregabalin which helps a bit.

My understanding is that cording occurs after surgery affecting the lymph nodes so the cording occurs in the underarm and runs down from the underarm to somewhere around the elbow. I think it’s very important that you ring your breast care nurse and describe where you’re experiencing pain. It may be surgery-related but it may be something else. For example, once I had intercostal chondritis out of the blue. Absolute (no exaggeration) agony in the area of my ribs, No idea how it started, what caused it, I just was in such pain. It’s inflammation in the many ligaments (?) between the ribs. Maybe you have something that’s not bc-related. I know I tend to attribute everything to breast cancer but I’m learning I’m wrong.

I hope you manage to find the cause and get some relief. All the best xx

Hi Charliep5,

I have exactly the same as you. I have had 2 lumpectomies and due to have a mastectomy soon as the margins weren’t clear. I asked my surgeon last week and she said it was bruising but i really don’t think it is. Did you ask your breast nurse?

Jo xx

Hi, I had this after surgery in March 2019. It lasted for months and still occasionally flares up and it was agony. Mine was checked out and was cording - it ran from inside my breast all the way down, over my rib cage and into my abdomen. You need to gently but firmly massage the area in large circular motions. You can also hold down one part of the cord with a finger and then gently massage small areas of the cord (rubbing away from the finger - I hope this makes sense) 

I also found gentle stretching exercises helpful and for the pain, I found a hot water bottle useful.

Mine wasn’t a quick fix but it did gradually get easier. Like I said, it does flare up occasionally but it’s never as painful as the first few months I had it. 

I definitely advise contacting your breast care nurse and explaining the situation. Mine referred me to a physiotherapist who showed me the massage techniques xx