Need help facing results please



I have had grade 3 invasive ductal tumour and 18 out of 18 positive nodes. I have had lumpectomy and 2 weeks ago had a second operation to try and get clear margins.


I called the hospital today to see if results where back and i was told that my case was going to be discussed at the multidisciplinary meeting on Monday so i just assumed i would hear after then.


Just now i got a call from the breast clinic asking me to come into an appointment tomorrow at short notice with the breast surgeon.


I am now shaking with fear that he did not get clear margins and is i need another operation likely a mx or worse as i am being called in at short notice


Has anyone else had a similar experience please xxx

Hi Patricia11

So sorry you are so fearful…just remember the waiting is the worst so if you are being seen tomorrow it is only one sleep away! I have been called to meetings at short notice which have sent me into a flat spin. The last time I was called in at short notice was because they knew I was anxious so thought it was better for me to be seen asap and they had a same day slot…

Also it is quite usual for the MDT to discuss a case and decide what the next course of treatment is and for the plan to be shared by the original surgeon. I was then referred and seen the same day by the oncologist for further discussions. I found that for several weeks it was all full on and busy with seeing one dept or another. 

I do hope you can take someone with you to support you and to listen and take notes as I find my brain gets left at the door and I think I am hearing and responding but ask me later about the detail and my dear husband has a much better recall. 

I hope that you are able to sleep tonight and to think that this time tomorrow you will know more and most likely have a plan to work with.

Warmest wishes



It’s a normal reaction but still so scary. At least you have had necessary ops and now if you need further surgery it is another hurdle you will get over. It’s  good that we get to talk to our surgeons and he is there for you so try and relax as best you can. The waiting is always the worst part. Whatever they suggest is going to get you over this 'inconvenience ’ . We are all here for you, sending strength and courage lol xxxxx

Hi Patricia I’m still waiting for my results so can only imagine your anxiety levels x hope all goes well and no further surgery required. Will be thinking of you x

Hi Patricia how are you getting along now?  X

I am going to get my results tomorrow and I am terrified as well.


How did it go? I really hope for the best, for all of us.


hugs xxx


I am in the same horrid position, 2weeks post WLE & awaiting my fate! Appt for results on 24/6 -finally only 2 days away. I have been ok, then anxious, then sad, then irritable etc, etc, etc. My mother is coming with me ( along with my husband) & I’m worried how she’ll cope with whatever is said, especially if I need a mx. She is an extremely anxious person, maybe not the best companion on such an occasion. But she’s my mum & wants to be there. It’s tiring taking everyone else’s feelings into consideration!
As far as being called at short notice, I was given surgery date of 22/6 in clinic, then the nurse phoned me the same day to say they wanted to bring it forward to 8/6, which was only a week away. I was scared it was because the tumour was growing really fast! The nurse said it was just that a space had become free & not to worry. In the end I was glad to get it over with sooner. I suppose we have to take what we’re given.

Hi Wendi, sorry you didnt get the results you were hoping, i can imagine how you are feeling but they will take good care of you and your husband sounds like mine bless him,he took control of everything and i felt so relaxed around him as he was so positive which is just what you need ? 2 clear nodes is the thing to hang on too, we get so hung up on them but my surgeon said they are doing their job if they have caught some on it way out! Please let me know how you get on xxx Love Jo

Hello ladies - I’m having a bit of a meltdown with worry and moments of sheer panic about the results of an MRI this Friday.  I was all set to have a bi-lateral mastectomy and removal of lymph nodes on left side Saturday 20 June.  Had an appointment on Friday 19 for sentinal lymph node procedure on the right side but was called to speak to my surgeon who told me results of CT scan had shown something on both liver and adrenal glands.


My last mammogram was 18 months ago and they checked it again in the light of my diagnosis and it was completely clear.  So, in the space of 4 weeks I have had to come to terms with the surgery which I thought I had just about got my thoughts around, which is now postponed - and now trying to come to terms with the MRI and waiting till Thursday 2 July for the results!


Trying to avoid wishing my life away to make the time go faster - and to think positive until I get the difinitive diagnosis.


Love to all

V xx

Good evening lovely ladies

just dropping by to say hi and hopefully you are all getting along this bumpy, scary road

certainly highs and lows all round

I’ve been on another couple of threads with my big dilemma,  decisions to make on Tuesday as to whether or not to have chemo although it was not part of the original plan,  talk about mince for brains

keep posting,  keep supporting

sheena x

Hi wendi

thank you my lovely x

I wish I had dug deeper into everything so I was more prepared for my little chemo surprise,  you listen to what your surgeon and bcn says and expect they are right but please be aware that there are twists and turns along the way

don’t want to alarm you, just an gentle warning x

hopefully you’ve got a nice weekend planned? 

remember that we are all here to help each other whatever crops up and it’s good to share with folks here

sheena xxxx

Hi Wendy

hopefully you can get rid of that pesky drain soon, what a nuisance for you xx

sheena x

Hi Wendy

how are you doing,  have you got rid of the drain yet? X

Great news Wendi!! Im delighted for you ?

Hi wendi! 

Bloody fantastic news, so happy for you!  I wish my oncologist had made a decision for me like that, I am 2% ish but she left the decision of chemo or not all up to me! 

You should come over to the thread in surgery called "surgery/results over -

little more light hearted as we all know what treatments we are going to have,  and although it is still a scary and anxious time for everyone, it’s a great place to have a laugh or a moan and generally let of steam

what I have found, and a lot of people agree, is that sometimes friends, family and colleagues seem to have the impression that once surgery is done etc you should be feeling positive and cheerful.  Personally the surgery part was the easy bit,  it’s my head that’s a mess now and the thought of taking drugs with ridiculous side effects for the next 10 years is sometimes too much to bear and wondering …

anyway enough! 

Once again delighted wendi

sheena xx