Need Help Re: Skin Mets

Need Help Re: Skin Mets

Need Help Re: Skin Mets I’m hoping that someone could give me some info about how skin mets are detected.

I’ve had a lump in the skin over my ribs for 18 months now, if not more. 3 members of my onc team have seen it on 3 different occasions and all have just said something along the lines of “oh, that’s strange” and left it at that! I have got spread to somewhere behind the sternum, possibly the internal mammary lymph nodes, and cannot understand why they are not investigating this lump.

If you are willing to share your experience as to how your skin mets was diagnosed, how you presented or what to look out for, I would be really grateful. I need to arm myself with info before my next onc appointment so that I can get stroppy if needs be.

Thanks and very best wishes to you all,


Hi Mel

I have skin mets - I self diagnosed them after seeing some photos on
my US IBC suport group.

At first I just thought it was a heat rash - as I’d had a burst abscess which resulted in my implant having to be removed - and as this was around summer thought little of it - until it failed to heal.

I showed my surgeon at my next visit - it happened to coincide on the day they told me I had liver mets - so in essence my surgeon my said he didn’t waht to put me through the trauma of a biopsy - which is my understanding of how they are dx.

I was starting chemo for my liver mets in any event - so my oncologist has just kept a visual eye on my mets - which seem to be clearing or certainly looking better.

I would insist on a biopsy if I were you.


Thanks for the advice, Moira. I’ve got an appointment with my onc next Tuesday to get the results of a CT scan, so I’ll bring it up again then.

Glad to hear that your treatment seems to be working well.

All the best to you,