Need reassurance

Hi, I was told on Monday that they are over 90% sure i have breast cancer, it has been found in one of my lymph nodes which was enlarged.I am due to return on Monday for biopsy results and treatment plan but I have already received a letter today informing me I need an MRI scan next Friday.Is this normal procedure as it is in my lymph gland? Or is it basically telling me it’s already spread? I’m really scared.

Hi Foxy,


i cant reassure you about the procedures but what I can say is that the waiting bit is honestly the most difficult part in all of this. When you know what’s happening and what the plan is then it suddenly becomes easier to deal with. Whatever the results they will know what to do and how to get it all sorted. Maybe others on here will have gone through a similar procedure. But one things for certain everyone on here has had to wait for results at some time and it is awful. But with the support on here hopefully you will be able to manage the next few days. Keep strong xx

Hi, I had an MRI a few days before my lumpectomy just to check that there was nothing else in either breast as my cancer did not show up on a mammogram.  I saw it as a means to confirm there was nothing else going on rather than to confirm there was something else there, so please don’t worry too much (easier said than done I know), it is good that they are being thorough, and if there is something else there you will get the best treatment plan to deal with it all at the same time.  xx

Hi Foxy, MRI is fairly usual & is about being thorough so that your treatment plan is the best one for your situation. It is a very anxious time & I found the MRI part the most anxiety provoking. As it turned out, mine was clear so I had the original treatment as planned, if anything else was noted, this would have informed the plan accordingly.
Waiting for results is the worst part, take care.

Thanks, I realise I’m panicking a bit.My lump in my armpit just feels so big and it’s getting uncomfortable too. then there is a lump in my breast too that I can feel now.If only the mammogram had flagged it up.It was only 2 months ago, it seems mammograms miss alot of younger women’s tumours.