Need sleep!!

I was in the shower on Saturday and felt a lump at top of right breast. Asked my partner to check and he withdrew his hand like he just had an electric shock. His face said it all. Anyway, carried on as normal over the weekend and phoned docs on Monday at 8.30. I had an appt made for 3.15, got kids looked after and off I went. My partner came with me thank god. I guess I thought the doctor would tell me its nothing and send me on my way so when she said she could def feel a lump which was firm and fixed and was referring me in case ‘it was something sinister’ I just burst into tears. My partner said he didn’t know what I was expecting as he was sure all lumps would mean a referral but it was still a shock. The doc said I would be seen within 2 weeks and I just had to leave hidden by my partner so noone else in waiting room could see what a state I was in!

Well… All sorts of worst case scenarios have gone through my head, everytime I look at my kids I want to burst into tears as they are only little and I didn’t sleep a wink last night as looking for information on Internet. I feel such a wet blanket at mo. My sister said instead of waiting 2 weeks I should go private. Has anyone done this and if so how much did it cost?

Thanks for taking the time to read this x

Hey Missb1 … i could have written this post … infact i did a week or so ago. I have private healthcare insurance through my work, but i was told by a breast care nurse (i phoned the breast clinic), my GP and a good friend who is at management level in our local PCT that going private would not get me seen much quicker & it can actually delay things in the beginning … i don’t know how true this is as i’ve seen other posters say they got seen the next day etc, but i saw my GP at 4pm on the Friday & on the Monday i was told by our breast clinic that my app was the following Monday (so just over a week) … i went yesterday & ended up with biopsies and another weeks wait for results - back to square one!

Google is not your friend right now, but i haven’t managed to leave it alone either, so no real advice, but i honestly do know what you’re going through. My babies are 3.5yrs & 22mths & i’m in bits about this whole thing - if you want to talk please msg me. Big hugs sweetie xxxxx

I didn’t go private.  However, a phone call to your local private hospital should help you ascertain how much the cost would be to attend their breast clinic and have any relevant tetsts and reports.  Do you have private health insurance?  Depending on what needs to be done I imagine the costs could be sizeable - several hundred pounds at the very least.  I agree with what’s been said about a private referral not necessarily making things happen any more quickly though. Plus if you need follow-up treatment after the breast clinic would you go private for that too?  In which case you’ll be talking about many thousands.


I had lots of worst case scenarios going through my mind too - and I’m still here and doing well nearly 5 years after my diagnosis.


As regards sleeping, would you consider short-term use of sleeping tablets?  I resisted for ages but finally capitulated and had some Zopiclone prescribed by my GP - so glad I did as they really helped me during time when I had trouble sleeping (non-cancer related health problem).  Never used them since but they did the trick at the time.


Please stay away from Dr Google - he never went to medical school!


Hopefully it will be a false alarm for you but I understand the scary place where you are right now and wish you all the best.   

Thanks everyone for your replies. I slept for 6 hours last night so feel a (liitle) bit more rational today!

I phoned local bmi clinic for cost yesterday - they could tell me price of consultation but not all the ‘one stop’ tests - hopefully the lady will phone me back today. i dont have insurance but have money saved for a holiday that i will consider using if necessary. however,I am going to get proactive and phone the breast clinic today to see when an appt will be likely.

I wish I could just quieten my brain down! I swear I’m feeling all sorts of weird sensations in my breasts that I didn’t have before the lump was found! Every twinge on my body means that i am riddled with cancer and wont see next christmas with my children! As a teacher, I’ve just started with the Easter hols and I was going to loads with the kids but now feel in stuck in a bit of a limbo situation. It all sounds v dramatic - I’m not even a drama teacher!! And re-reading this I realize I am not as rational as first thought!!

Sorry to rant on. My partner won’t hear of any talk like this until appt is thro. I suppose its his way of coping.

Di473, I have my fingers crossed for you my lovely xxx

Well… Been on phone all morning to find that hospital hadn’t received referral! Phoned docs who said it was def faxed on Monday and that they would send it again and ring to check it gets there!! Will ring hospital again later to check for myself!!

Now off to get kids hair cut and enjoy a little sunshine :slight_smile:

Hi Missb1
Welcome to the BCC forums, in addition to the support here please feel free to call our helpliners to talk any concerns/queries over, lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Saturday 10-2 on 0808 800 6000

Here’s a link to the BCC information and publication about attending a breast clinic appointment which you may find helpful:

Take care
Lucy BCC

Thank you kat - that’s good to know. I have provisionally booked privately but the next appt they have is for Monday - hopefully will find out later when the nhs appt is and then make a decision. Am glad your results were positive and dealt with straight away… You must be so relieved xx