need some explanation

Hi everyone I know this might sound like a daft quetion but what is wle and MLD? Seeing Lymphodema nurse on 1 Feb so would like to look like I know something!!! lol x

Hi, not silly at all, I asked same questions when I was diagnosed!

WLE = Wide Local Excision (operation to remove a breast cancer with a small amount of surrounding healthy tissue. Sometimes called breast conserving surgery, or lumpectomy.)

There is a thread titled…

Abbreviations and acronyms used on the forum

Type this in the search and this should answer all your questions.

I will also BUMP it up for you.

Good luck Teresa x

Hi rainforest,
WLE is wide local excision which some people call lumpectomy, anyway it is removal of cancer and surounding margins.
MLD is a special type of gentle massage used to help to get the lymph fluid moving which helps lymphoedema which is caused by lymph build-up.
Hope all goes wll with your appt,
best wishes, Julie x

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