Neo-adjuvant chemotherapy

Hi everyone

Is there anybody out there who has, or is currently having chemotherapy prior to surgery? I have a fairly small tumour which my onc hopes will shrink significantly. I am currently with the February 19 starters group but am the only one? having chemo followed by surgery (lumpectomy and some lymph node removal), followed by more chemo if necessary. It would be nice to ‘talk’ to someone in the same situation.   

Hi Susie 

I’m in a similar situation, I had 4 cycles of EC, then 12 weeks of paclitaxal. Followed by surgery in December, now I’m having Radiotherapy. 

I had a large tumour with lymph node involvement, Oncologist recommended Neo adjuvant, to shrink the tumour. 

I responded well to chemo, however the surgeon got everything out. 

I have spoken to women who have either had neo adjuvant, or Adjuvant chemo. Lots of different mixed reactions. 

I’m happy to have had neo, it shrunk my nodes significantly and I had clean margins. 

Hope that helps. 

Lots of love ? 

Hi Susie B

I started chemo last Friday, I have 6 cycles planned, then surgery and then it’s decided about rads.

i have gone with the surgeon and oncologist recommendation. Its the same plan to shrink the tumour which I understand, well as much as you can understand when everything is being said to you. 

Have you started chemo yet and how are you feeling? x

Hi Susie


That’s the approach my team took with my large triple negative tumour.  I was originally told to expect a mastectomy due to the size…after 2 doses of FEC the tumour had shrunk by 2/3rds.  When I saw the surgeon again after chemo round 4, he said it would only be a lumpectomy, and it had shrunk so much there should be no noticeable difference in breast size :slight_smile:


I’m glad they took this approach, although the treatment has put me in hospital twice (I felt absolutely fine while in, it was a slight infection that put me there both times).  I’ve been switched to weekly chemo now which is easier to tolerate.


If you respond well to chemo you will hopefully have a really really small amount that needs to be removed.