I’ve just been told that when I finish the herceptin in June the consultant wants me to start taking Neratanib. Apparently this is a similar type of drug that I will take for a year. I was hoping to just be taking letrozole and the ibandronic acid and not start something else. I’ve still got a lot of joint pain and other side effects, I’m not sure which drug either herceptin or letrozole is causing what side effect, so I was looking forward to just being on one. Has anyone been on Neratanib and what side effects have you had please. I’ve looked online and it doesn’t look pleasant I know my BC was high grade HER2 positive and obviously want to reduce the risk of it coming back., but I really thought I was close to the finish line for at least one drug. 

I am now just about to finish my 3rd month on Neratinib and it has its moments but manageable. I get a bit of fatigue just like when on Chemo and diarrhea can be an issue. I found knowing my body helped and a bit of juggling loperamide which the give you loads of. They say it is worth taking if you can and I feel what’s 1 more year if it keeps the devil away. Good luck xx