Neratinib undecided if to take it

Hiya , I am 38 and was diagnosed with stage 1A triple positive breast cancer in September 2022, I only have 3 more Herceptin to go and then I have been offered neratinib for 1 year after that , the trouble is after doing something research and reading up other ladies experiences with it I’m really put off , my body is really sensitive when it comes to side effects I usually get lots , I had a wide local excision lumpectomy with partial reconstruction, chemotherapy which left me on morphine ,needing blood transfusions, dehydrated most the time infection after infection ,a blood clot on my lung and so on, 20 sessions of radiotherapy left me with burns but was not too bad , 6 months after finishing chemotherapy I caught covid for the first time and had neutropenic sepsis with it , I’m 10 months since finishing chemotherapy and 8 months into tamoxifen , I just feel so ill and rough all the time and the thought of starting neratinib is just not appealing to me and I feel awful for saying that , on 1 hand I think I was only stage 1A with clear nodes , on the other hand I want all the protection I can get , my team are still holding off on the zoladex injections because my moods were abit all over the place in the earlier months of taking tamoxifen, they are worried what it might do to my moods , I did want to give them a try , any advice from ladies who have taken neratinib I would really appreciate it ,thanks for reading

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Welcome to the forum Michelle , you sound like you’ve had a really rough time with the treatments you’ve had so far . I don’t know anything about the side effects from this drug personally ,hopefully someone will be able to help by sharing their own experience . You could also get the thoughts of the Breast Cancer Now nurses in the Ask our Nurses your questions section or by giving them a ring .Hope things improve for you .