hi i am due to start taking neratinib next week and wondered if anyone is on this drug and what are their experiences thanks

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Hi Sam 

I have been taking Neratinib since April. Took a couple of weeks to get used to it but I am mostly fine now. 
I was a bit wary about starting it with the description of the side effects but it hasn’t been anything really bad- I take 1 loperamide a day to keep the diarrhoea at bay and 1 antisickness for nausea. 
It has affected my appetite and I find I don’t fancy lots of fruit and veg - bit of a bugger since I’m vegetarian  

Hope your first weeks haven’t been too bad. 
Take care 



I have started taking it just over 2 weeks ago. I was also really worried about the side effects but I have not had any of what I expected. I have even had to cut down on the loperimide as i was constipated . At first I was also really tired but that has settled since I reduced my loperimide. I am waiting for a review from my oncologist and my bloods but my first two weeks on it have not been bad at all!!!

Hope you are getting on alright with the drug :crossed_fingers:

I have just seen your post and wondered how you got on with the treatment? I have just started my 3rd month.