Nerve regeneration/scar tissue

I am 1 week past my 6 year clear anniversary. Yes that is a good feeling. I had a lumpectomy and 15 rads. No chemo as caught early. Sentinel nodes clear too. I was Estrogen 8+ and HER2+.
Over the years I have had the odd tingling, soreness, electric shock feeling etc in the breast but mainly on the scar. I had to lose the nipple as lump too close to save so have a 4” scar right across. Also had a nipple reconstruction 3.5 years ago.
These last few days I have been getting the odd prickling, electric, tender feelings again. I’m use to the aches and tenderness that has come and gone since surgery but wonder what has caused the prickling, electric soreness again. No longer under surveillance but remember my BC nurse telling me a few years back that these flairs of discomfort are nerve regeneration and can stay with you for good. I questioned how regeneration can last on and off all that time but can’t remember exactly why she said it can.
Has anyone else experienced this so long since surgery and rads. Not sure whether it’s the rads or surgery or both that can cause it.
Many thanks for reading.
Frances x


Hi. Your treatment and diagnosis is parallel to mine even the timing. 6 years in this year and due to still being tender and discomfort, i had a scan. The radiographer confirm all clear and what i was experiencing can last for years. Said it was the rads. I’m on letrozole which comes with its own set of side effects.


Hi Frances

It’s probably nothing to worry about but do get it checked out.

Anything new or unusual should be investigated.

All the very best hun. Xx

Thank you. I was on Anastrazole but finished last December. Now beginning to wonder if it’s a touch of lymphoedema. I had it very mildly a couple of years back and it feels the same. My arm and shoulder feels achy and swollen. Have made GP appointment. x

Thank you. I was a tad concerned a day or so ago but then when arm and shoulder felt achy as well I suddenly remembered it was all the same as mild lymphoedema I had a few years back. I have made GP appointment. Don’t know if it’s a blessing or not but I’ve booked in with first available GP rather than wait for my usual one. This GP was off sick for a while a couple of years back with breast cancer. At least she will be more aware of the aches, tingling etc. x

p.s I had my flu jab last Saturday and although it was in the opposite arm I’m wondering if it might be a side effect of that as it’s only happened since then.

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