Nervous about pain

Hi everyone. Im 42F non smoker, drink on the weekends and overweight.

I’m from the US, uninsured until January. Paycheck to paycheck poor, but not poor enough for free state insurance. Anyway…

3 months ago i noticed a sharp pain that would come and go in the top middle of my left breast. I waited 3 weeks to see if it went away after my period, but it didnt. About 2 weeks after that breast pain started, I started feeling an intermittent aching near my left shoulder blade area. It always felt better when i laid down, so I put it down to stress from being worried about the breast pain. 3 weeks after the shoulder blade pain, i started feeling rib aching about 2 inches under my arm pit. Just recently the aching has moved to my right shoulder blade with a pain that feels like my spine is bruised between the blades.

The weird thing is the pain in my breast moves. It started in the upper middle and that pain has disappeared, but now its mostly on the far right side of my left breast, near the sternum. Sometimes its on the outside, near the armpit. Some days theres no pain at all. I read a lot about costochondritis and can see how it could possibly be this. The ribs by my sternum feel so sore when i push them.

I can feel no changes in my breast. I have been checking them weekly for as long as i can remember, and there is nothing that worries me as far as lumps or texture. No swollen lymph nodes that i can feel. My breast hasnt changed at all. No dimples, no discharge, no rashes.

I wont be able to see a doctor until January and the wait sucks. I guess I’m here to vent, in the meantime. Talk to others while I’m in the waiting room

Hi Hopefulpaige

Are you still in the US?

So sorry that you find yourself in this situation especially as you can’t get checked until January. Early diagnosis is so important to put your mind at rest or for, if necessary, treatment. We are so lucky in the Uk to have free access to medical care.
Why don’t you contact the nurses on here. They can talk through your fears and give you some general advice.
Sending a virtual hug.


Thank you!

Yes, i am in the US and its absolutely dumb that we have to go through the hoops we do to take care of ourselves. I have insurance, im paying for it, but they make you wait 2 months to even use it.

Im feeling optimistic about it all though. The right side shoulder blade and spine issues seem to have gone away. My breast hurts, but i also cant keep my hands off of it. Ive done so much digging these last few weeks, trying to find anything at all. I really need to stop irritating it. The pain will go away for days until i suddenly get a small pang and im back to digging into it. My breasts are lumpy naturally so i can spend an hour trying to find something that hasnt normally been there.

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Hi I finished all my treatments in September radiotherapy in September and my surgery was june iv started getting an achy knee I just panic now about everything. It’s only my left knee that aches my other Leg is fine if anyone can reply to me please x