Nervous - clinic app Tues / 51yr/ mum had ca breast

Hi - I am new to this forum. Not totally new to breast cancer as my mum had it aged 44yrs. I’m 50yr and have had annual mammograms since I turned 40yr but ironically, now that I have found an area in one breast that just feels a bit thicker, I am actually not due a ‘routine’ mammogram until I am 53 (as now that I have reached 50 I have been put back on 3 yr normal screening programme). But when I went to see my GP she agreed it felt thicker so has sent me via the 2 wk wait clinic. And this might sound daft but I don’t know how much to worry: I have other health problems which I am ‘juggling’ along side this, and both GP & myself feel it is probably ok - but then I remember how my mums cancer started as a thickening (I was in my teens so don’t remember or know too much detail & sadly she has now died).

I think I have been acting calm as folk whom I have shared this with (my husband,sister & a friend) all seem to be reacting in a blasee way, since the 2+ wk since the referral, none of them checked in on me to see how I am managing all this - yet my mum died of breast cancer at 50yr.

Now I have a clinic date and it’s only a few days away, I am finding myself think about the possible outcomes more and turned to this forum. I don’t know what I am expecting the people I have confided in to say but I thought during the ‘2ww’ that my sister might check in on how I am doing. I’m sure it will be fine - but what if it isn’t? I feel I am carrying that alone and today I did speak to my husband about it , asking directly really, for a bit more consideration into the possible consequences next week. When I was in 20s & 30s I have had benign lumps investigated& I think maybe I was more nervous then as it not so long since mum died but now I am the age my mum was - well actually several yrs beyond the age when my mum got it which is great. I think I am feeling quite pragmatic but not sure if I am just masking??

Another reason for making more light of it was when the breast clinic person phoned to book appointment , she was quite brisk & didn’t explain much at all (and the leaflet letter not great). I am hoping this person wasn’t the breast care nurse as communication counts for so much doesn’t it in these situations.

Sorry for waffling!

Best wishes to all

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Hi @kc73 welcome to the forum. You’ll find a lot of support here from people who have been where you are now. Firstly, government statistics show that only 32% of women who have biopsies in their 50s find that they have breast cancer, so 2 out of every 3 don’t. Those aren’t bad odds. If, however, it does turn out to be something, then please keep in mind that in the 20-30 years since your Mum had BC, treatments have been revolutionized so you’ll be in very experienced hands. Prognosis is very good for most forms of primary BC and new breakthroughs are being made all of the time. You sound to me like you’ve got a very good attitude but it’s easier if everyone in your life could be a little more supportive. When I was diagnosed, I had the full range of responses when I finally decided to come clean about it. I think some were in denial so appeared not to take it too seriously, maybe that’s what’s behind your sister’s and husband’s reactions. You can always come here, ask questions, download or just chat. You’re not on your own through this. Let us know how you got on at your appointment. PS no waffle detected!

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Thank you so much for your reply. I have had so many other health issues which have been more chronic and hard to treat (chronic fatigue/aches/pains). But with this, once it’s investigated it’s either ok or not. I think that’s why in some ways feels easier in some ways then my other health issues which I can’t get treatment for which works. I will update! Roll on Tuesday! Thankfully it’s a early morning appointment. Kc

@kc73 uncertainty and not knowing is the worst. Those couple of weeks when I was recalled following routine mammogram and then biopsies and results of them were horrendous. I wasn’t sleeping, had nightmares and was in bits. Bear in mind that you still may not know on Tuesday but at least you will be getting investigated. Now I have a plan- chemo, surgery and radiotherapy I can cope. I had to accept my worst fears and get on with it!!! Everyone on here is lovely, no question is daft, it’s a safe space. :pray:that it’s all ok, but if it’s not then you’ll handle it xx